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Cuban tostonesThere are many exotic Cuban appetizers which are my favourite. With the help of this article I would like to share few Cuban appetizer ideas with you.


Cuba is one of the largest and beautiful Caribbean islands which attract many people across the world due to its authentic delicacies. Cuban food has strong ties to Spanish influences. At the time of colonial era Havana was an important trading port and Spanish immigrants passed through the city before moving on to other towns and islands. Many of the immigrants were from southern Spain, and therefore many Cuban dishes have their roots in Andalucia.



Cuban appetizer ideas:



Cuban tostones:



Tostones are the typical Cuban appetizer which consists of twice-fried plantain chips. You need to fry the slices of plantains for 1-2 minutes until they become golden brown. You can serve the tostones topped with cheese or with shrimp ceviche.



Cuban black bean dip:



Cuban black bean dip is a healthy Cuban appetizer which can be made with black bean soup mix. You can serve this authentic dish with thin slices of bell pepper, cucumber, tomatoes or any vegetable of your choice. This dip will definitely be a hit appetizer for your party due to its rich creamy texture.



Boniatos fritos:






Boniatos fritos is a tasty Cuban appetizer which is mainly made with sweet potatoes. You just need to deep fry the sweet potatoes until they are crisp and golden brown. Season the fried sweet potatoes with sugar and little cinnamon powder. It will enhance the taste of the dish.



Nachos de platano:



Nachos de platano is a nice twist on traditional nachos. It is very simple to make at home. Once you have fried the plantain slices, you can arrange the casserole dish with alternate layers of fried plantain and chicken breast. You can also add shredded jack cheese and broil the dish. It is a great dish to make on any occasion.


Pan frito


Pan frito:



Pan frito is nothing but a bread which has been cut into slices and fried. This is the best Cuban version of garlic bread which makes a tasty addition to any meal. Before removing the bread from the pan, sprinkle few drops of lemon juice. You can even sprinkle grated parmesan cheese. This pan frito is absolutely a great appetizer to be served.


So are you ready to cook these scrumptious dishes? The best part of the above mentioned Cuban appetizer ideas is that they can be made by anyone, with little or no cooking knowledge.




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Cuban Appetizer Ideas