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Honeyed chicken wingsCaribbean cuisine is a perfect fusion of African, British, Spanish, French, Dutch, Indian and Chinese cuisine. This article on Caribbean appetizer ideas brings to you a unique collection of foods blended with amazing spices and herbs.


Caribbean people love to party and the main goal for every party is none other than good food and music. The appetizers listed below are quite spicy as well as mild reflecting the taste of the authentic Caribbean cuisine.



Caribbean appetizer ideas:



Honeyed chicken wings:



A honeyed chicken wing is a tasty Caribbean appetizer which is very simple to make. You just need to toss the fried chicken wings in honey and soy sauce. It is a great and filling fast food. Kids just love them.  The chicken wings become wonderfully moist and scrumptious with the honey glaze. This is the time to impress your family and friends with this tasty appetizer.



Guava empanada:



Guava empanada is a classic Caribbean appetizer and can be served on any special occasion like New Year’s Eve or mother’s day. Traditionally these empanadas are fried but you can bake them to make a healthier dish. Enjoy this wonderful appetizer with your family.



Island lime shrimp salad:







Island lime shrimp salad is a perfect Caribbean seafood appetizer. It is so simple to make at home with a simple marinade and a flash in the pan. You can enjoy the dish to its maximum when served over white rice. It is delicious!



Lobster gundy:



Lobster gundy is the easiest and simplest seafood appetizer. You just need to mix all the major ingredients such as lobster, onion, green peppers along with Scotch bonnet chile, olive oil and vinegar and chill for three hours. Before serving the dish, you can sprinkle chopped cilantro. Try this truly authentic Caribbean appetizer with crackers.




Caribbean smoked ribs:
Caribbean smoked ribs



Caribbean smoked rib is the best rib appetizer you can get anywhere and you can make it on any BBQ. There is no need for a huge smoker to make the smoked ribs. Before serving the ribs, you can cut the racks in half. This appetizer could be the best finger food for your next Caribbean themed party.


Well! This is all about Caribbean appetizer ideas and presenting these appetizers in a creative way. So, you can make your get-together unforgettable with these simple and mouth watering Caribbean appetizers and spend quality time with your friends.


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Caribbean Appetizer Ideas