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TempuraWhen we talk about appetizers, we generally opt for Italian or French appetizers. However, there are many great Japanese appetizer ideas which can be considered when you want something different from the regular stuff.


Japanese cuisine consists of world-renowned appetizers which are made with highly skilled methods and unique presentation. Japanese appetizer offers a great variety of dishes and regional specialities. Some of the most popular Japanese appetizers are listed below.


Japanese appetizer ideas:






Tempura is a very famous Japanese appetizer which consist of seafood or vegetables which have been battered and deep fried. Making tempura at home is not very difficult. All the major ingredients such as shrimp, eggplant, potatoes, kabocha, shitake mushrooms and renkon can be easily found at any local grocery store.



Japanese pickled daikon and carrot salad:



Japanese pickled daikon and carrot salad is a crunchy, fresh and flavourful Japanese appetizer. This appetizer is packed with loads of nutrition. The salad is an excellent source of vitamins A, B6 and B12. Apart from that it also contains calcium and iron. So why not try this dish and nourish your family with a healthy food..?




Deep fried wonton:


Deep fried wonton



Deep fried wonton is a very simple Japanese appetizer. It is usually made with shiso leaves and cheese. The creamy texture of cheese really goes well with shiso leaves. The best thing about these wontons is that they can be prepared ahead of time and refrigerated or frozen. You can enjoy the true taste of deep fried wontons if served with sweet and sour sauce.






Although gyoza is originally a Chinese dish but has become very popular across Japan. Gyoza is a kind of dumpling which can be filled with vegetables or meat. You can do variations by selecting different vegetables as well. For example, you can include sliced cabbage, chopped green onions along with some flavouring agents like garlic and ginger. The perfect accompaniment for gyoza is none other than soy based dipping sauce.


Tuna Tataki


Tuna Tataki:



Tataki is another very delicious Japanese appetizer also known as tosa-mi. Tuna tataki is the best appetizer and happens to be one of the easiest to make. For making tuna tataki, all you need to cut the seared tuna into cubes and serve with spicy sauce.


You can do lot of experiments and variations while choosing the ingredients for the above mentioned dishes. This quick Japanese appetizer idea is definitely a wonderful way to begin your meal.



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Japanese Appetizer Ideas