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Thai dumplingsThe various Thai appetizer ideas can be recognized for its extremely rich and colourful dishes. Thai cuisine is synonymous with hot and spicy dishes. It has made its name across the frontiers for its tangy taste. Make few authentic Thai appetizers this weekend and serve the guests and family Southeast Asia flavor.


Thai appetizer ideas:



Thai dumplings:



Also known as Kanom Joeb, these Thai dumplings are very similar to Japanese shumai. However, the stuffing and method to make the dish is quite different. You can use variety of ingredients for filling the dumplings such as mushrooms, cabbage or any vegetable of your choice. The sweet and sour dipping sauce is ideal for these steamed dumplings. These dumplings are great with chicken pad Thai! mmmm….yummy!



Madi mushrooms:



Madi mushroom is another delicious Thai appetizer in which the chopped mushrooms are combined with basil pesto. The dish is low in fat and can be served on toast. And do not forget to add Thai seasonings…yes, seasonings are crucial!



Shrimp lettuce wraps:


Shrimp lettuce wraps


If you like shrimp dishes, then shrimp lettuce wraps are the best item to make. These wraps are perfect for a party finger food. It really goes well with beer, wine or any cocktail. These wonderful mini wraps provide the authentic flavor of Thai cuisine.



Fried tofu with peanut sauce:



Fried tofu is a tasty Thai appetizer in which the cubes of tofu becomes very crispy from outside and soft from inside. There is nothing much to do to make this amazing dish.  You just need to toss the tofu cubes with cornstarch, salt and pepper before frying them. If you are new to cooking Thai food, this a good item to start. Make your own peanut sauce and serve with crispy tofu.


Thai curry puffs


Thai curry puffs:


Thai curry puffs are the puff pastries consist of diced chicken and potatoes. You can season the stuffing with salt, pepper and curry powder. Thai curry puffs really taste great when served with cucumber salad.


Thus, the above mentioned Thai appetizer ideas will definitely ensure compliments coming your way.


Best of luck!!


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Thai Appetizer Ideas