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Durham menu

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Delicious calzone served as a breakfast itemDurham is a city located in the North East of England and is famous for its wide range of tasty dishes. Traditional Durham Menu is based on beef, pork, chicken and fish. The most common and typical food consumed by the people of Durham are pies, sandwich, fish and chips. Most of the dishes here are prepared using meat, fish, potato, flour, egg and butter. Here are some typical Durham dishes selected from their fine dining options.


Breakfast ideas in Durham menu :


·         Durham Cutlets - quick and easy Durham dish; mutton, parsley, egg, pepper, macaroni, flour, butter, milk, Worcester sauce and breadcrumbs are mixed, rolled , fried deep in oil until they become golden brown and  served hot.

·         Durham lamb cutlets - a palate soothing Durham dish prepared from cooked lamb pieces, onions, butter, potatoes, parsley, tomato puree, pepper, flour, egg and bread crumbs.

·         Calzone -  an exquisite delicacy where a deadly combination of sausage and cheese makes the dish simple irresistible; the ingredients used in the dish are normal bread dough, Italian sausage, onions, tomato sauce, garlic, basil, oregano, cheese, pepper and sugar.


Lunch and Dinner Durham Menu Ideas:


·         Noodle pudding  - a highly popular, lip smacking dish prepared with fine egg noodles, onions, parsley, pepper, nutmeg, diced meat, non fat dry milk and cheese.

Mouthwatering noodle pudding served for lunch

·         Shrimp Salad - truly authentic main dish salad consisting of lettuce, spinach leaves, eggs, cooked shrimps, carrots, olives, tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, lemon juice and pepper.

·         Maine baked Finnan Haddie - rich and tasty dish where flour, milk sautéed onion and green pepper are boiled and poured over fish pieces before they are baked and served hot.

·         Lobster stuffed Maine Lobsters - mouth watering , palate soothing lobster dish; other ingredients used in the dish are cheese, parsley, paprika, butter, white wine, lemon juice and garlic.


·         Cottage pie - sumptuous pie; minced beef is cooked with onion, carrots, tomato sauce, Worcester sauce, peas, corn, potatoes, beef stock, butter and pepper until it becomes creamy in texture. The mixture is then baked in oven along with grated cheeses making it a tempting dish worth it try!


Dessert Durham menu Ideas:


·         Maple and Walnut Cake - perfect blend of walnuts, sugar, flour, maple syrup, butter, egg and cream makes the dish simply incredible.

·         Baked Chocolate Custard - yummy taste of them milk products used in the dessert makes it a perfect item to be shared with family and friends. The ingredients used in the dish are eggs, baking chocolate, vanilla extract, skim milk and maple syrup.

Baked chocolate custard is a great dessert

·         Pandowdy - flavors of fruit make this Durham menu dessert really special; it is very simple and easy to prepare and is liked by everyone big and small. The ingredients used in the dish are sliced apples, nutmeg, sugar and cinnamon.


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Durham Menu