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Quiche LorraineIf you are a lover of French food, then you are on the right page. This article describes various French appetizer ideas which can be enjoyed by your family and friends.


French appetizers are probably the most fabulous and widely acclaimed appetizers across the globe. There are varieties of French appetizers from delightful canapés to crispy cold crudités to luscious cheese served with seasonal fruits. Check out some of the quick and easy French appetizers.


French appetizer ideas:



Vegetable vinaigrette:



Vegetable vinaigrette is a very yummy French appetizer which consists of many vegetables tossed in a vinaigrette dressing. You can either grate these vegetables or they can be cubed. The vegetables can be blanched to bring out their lovely bright color and snappy texture. This dish is a real celebration of spring.



Quiche Lorraine:



Quiche Lorraine is another delicious French appetizer suitable for any occasion. It is a perfect savory pie, filled with a cream and egg custard, and also contains pork in some sort or other. This quick French appetizer is definitely a scrumptious way to begin your meal.






Pate is a thick French spread made with finely chopped meat or vegetables. Meats such as ground beef, pork, or chicken can be used. Various parts of an animal may be used, so you can choose those flavors you best prefer. You can serve this yummy dish in many ways. For instance, a loaf of the finely chopped and dense ingredients can be surrounded by puff or pie pastry and baked to a crusty brown.


Honey brie


Honey brie :



Honey brie spread is a delicious blend of sweet, salty and earthy flavors, all wrapped into one eggplant appetizer. You can top the dish with pecans and honey and baked to golden perfection. This is a perfect French appetizer to be served with a Sauvignon Blanc.



Seafood fondue:



Seafood fondue is not just fun to eat but fun to prepare as well. This dish is a wonderful way to enjoy fish and seafood. If you are calorie conscious, then you can also try making seafood fondue in broth instead of oil. Serve this hot-oil seafood fondue with a salad.


So what are you waiting for? Go ahead with these French appetizer ideas and offer a delightful treat to your friends and family.


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French Appetizer Ideas