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Chicken noodle soupPeople love to eat appetizers, be it Italian, Spanish or Chinese. In this blog you will find few Chinese appetizer ideas which you can prepare for any occasion or party.


Chinese appetizers are the most popular and well appreciated appetizers. China is a huge country which contains deserts, grasslands, and icy mountains. Due to the diversity of the climate, there are different food styles and tastes in every region of China. This diversity gets reflected into the Chinese appetizers too as you will see for yourself.


Chinese appetizer ideas:



Chicken noodle soup:



Chicken noodle soup is a very comfortable Chinese appetizer which can be made at any time of the year. You can prepare the homemade chicken stock and flavor it with lemongrass. You can also include some carrots, celery, and egg noodles in this hot and delicious soup. Enjoy the soup with some crusty bread or salad.



Chinese spring rolls:



Chinese spring rolls is yet another mouth watering Chinese appetizer. These spring rolls can be made by wrapping an assortment of ingredients in a pastry and then steaming or frying the roll. You can use fresh vegetables or even chicken for filling the rolls. Serve this crispy appetizer with sweet and sour sauce.








Dumplings are everybody's favourite….what about you?

They are made with flour which is often stuffed with vegetables or meats. You can make these dumplings by boiling, steaming or frying. The dumplings can be accompanied with soups, stews or gravy. Try this tasty Chinese appetizer and impress your family with your cooking skills.



Egg roll:



Egg rolls are a famous Chinese appetizer which has been spread across the world as a staple. You can make the egg rolls by filling a sheet of dough with various chopped vegetables, or meat and then dipping the dough in egg. You can include vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, onions or tomatoes. Deep fry the rolls until you get a thicker and crunchier skin.



Chinese chicken salad:
Chinese chicken salad


Chinese chicken salad is the perfect healthy Chinese appetizer. You can cook and dice the chicken and combine it with small pieces of green onion, celery, chopped walnuts, and sesame seeds. You can also use the vinegar, sugar, and peanut oil for salad dressing.


Thus these Chinese appetizer ideas are only a glimpse into this magnificent land, there is more to discover and know about Chinese cuisines.


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Chinese Appetizer Ideas