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SamosaIf you are thinking to throw a nice party, then serving Indian appetizers to your guests would be the ideal choice. Here you will find some of the best Indian appetizer ideas.


India is a large and diverse country which celebrates many different languages, dialects, unique traditions and of course Indian dishes. 


Here's is a look at some of the most popular Indian appetizers which will satisfy your food cravings.


Indian appetizer ideas:






Samosa is a very popular Indian appetizer or snack which has even been adapted in western countries. Samosa consists of a fried baked triangular pastry shell which gets filled with ingredients such as potatoes, peas, onions, and coriander. You can also fill the samosa with meat or chicken depending on your preferences. Enjoy hot samosa with green chutney.



Chilli gobi:



If you like spicy Indian food, then this chilli gobi is perfect for your taste buds. It is the wonderful preparation of cauliflower along with some flavoring agents like ginger, vinegar and garlic. Although chilli gobi is similar to gobi manchurian, chilli gobi is very dry with less saucy stuff.



Vegetable pakoras:


Vegetable pakoras


Pakoras are the most favorite appetizer in every Indian household. For making vegetable pakoras, you can try varieties of vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, peas, onions or spinach. To enjoy these pakoras to its fullest, do not forget to fry them until they become crispy. You can serve this tasty appetizer with homemade chutney, or sweet and sour sauce.



Seekh kababs:



Seekh kababs are the delicious Indian appetizers which can be prepared with any minced meat you prefer. You can mix the meat with spices and grill on skewers. Serve this appetizer with mint sauce or any chutney.







Dhoklas are the most popular Gujarati dish which you can find on streets of India. Dhokla is basically made of chickpeas which are grounded and soaked in water. The mixture is then kneaded into roll and steamed. Serve this Indian appetizer with spicy chutney.


I am sure these Indian appetizer ideas will set anyone’s taste buds aflame, being rich in flavor and texture. You can always use your own add-ons to make it tastier and healthier.



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Indian Appetizer Ideas