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Mongolian Menu

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Low fat Mongolian bread for breakfastMongolian menu is slightly unique - the dishes here are prepared with less number of ingredients. Most Mongolian dishes are based on mutton and milk and they are appreciated by the tourists because of its aroma. Mongolian cuisines use a very low quantity of spices, but they are very rich in fat and protein; very important elements to survive in the prevailing climate. Here are some of the typical Mongolian dishes that you can try.


Breakfast Mongolian Menu Ideas:


·         Mongolian Barbecue - scrumptious Mongolian dish that features beef tenderloin, Japanese soy sauce, chicken stock, onions, Napa cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, Chinese Mongolian balloon bread, dry white wine and basic cooked white rice.

·         Crock Pot Rustic Lamb stew - a classic Mongolian lamb preparation consisting of boneless lean lamb stew meat, all Mongolian crock pot rustic stewpurpose flour, thyme, crushed rosemary, onions, baby carrots and diced potatoes.

·         Mongolian Low Fat Bread - French Bread pieces are baked together with oil, garlic, Italian seasoning and pepper making it an all-time favorite staple Mongolian breakfast item.


Lunch and Dinner Mongolian Menu Ideas:

·         Mongolian Beef - spicy and mouth watering dish where beef is marinated using cooking wine, soy sauce, corn starch and then again cooked with onion, green onion and chili. It is a most preferred side dish and is served along with rice or noodles.

·         Mongolian hamburger - a wonderful Mongolian pork dish; beef steaks are mixed together with ginger, pepper, tamari and shaped into patties before they are fried in butter and served with garnish of chives and alfalfa sprouts.

·         Mongolian Pot - a Mongolian style chicken dish served with the flavor of soy sauce. The ingredients in the dish are fresh ginger roots, chicken breast, condensed chicken broth, garlic, cabbage, spinach, green onions, mushrooms and thin spaghetti.


Mongolian Dessert Ideas:

·         Mongolian Rice pudding - Perfect yummy Mongolian dessert served with a sweet flavor of rice and milk is prepared from Bread pudding served as a dessertbrown rice, soy milk, walnut and nutmeg powder.

·         Bread pudding - bread cubes are dipped in a mixture prepared from egg, vanilla extract, sugar, milk, and cinnamon and apple sauce. It is then baked in oven until they become golden brown and are served as a traditional Mongolian dessert.

·         Apple Crumble - flour, brown sugar, butter, apples, flour and cinnamon powder are mixed and baked until the toping becomes browned and the fruit mixture starts bubbling. The dish tastes awesome when served with whipped cream or ice cream.

Check out any dish from Mongolian menu and do not forget to let us know your comments.


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Mongolian Menu