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Jewish Menu

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550961-delicious-potato-scones.jpg1297064198Jewish menu has a variety of dishes collected from the cooking tradition of ancient Jewish people. Jewish cuisine reflects their culture and their culinary tradition. While cooking Jewish foods, people do not use butter, milk, and cream while preparing meat, because they believe that dairy products and meat are not intended to be served together. Here are some dishes selected from the tasty Jewish cuisine.


Breakfast Jewish Menu Ideas:

·         Broccoli Soufflé - broccoli, potato pancake mix, eggs and margarine are mixed and baked in oven making it a delicious, filling Jewish breakfast item.

·         Potato Scones - boiled potatoes, flour, margarine and salt are combined together, rolled and griddled over medium heat and served warm.

·         Banana Oatmeal Pancakes - a tasty, filling and healthy Jewish breakfast dish prepared from ripe bananas, flour, egg, buttermilk, sugar, butter and oats.

·         Crispy Potato Latkes - boiled potatoes are mixed with fresh parsley, potato starch, pepper, onions ,egg, spread over pan and fried till they become golden brown and crispy. This Jewish breakfast dish is tasty and easy to prepare.


Lunch and Dinner Jewish Menu Ideas:

·         Chicken Noodles Soup with Carrot and Peas - an ultimate Jewish soup that works magic with its rich flavor. The ingredients used in the dish are chicken broth, boneless chicken breast, carrots, egg noodles, peas, parsley, thyme and black pepper.

·         Asparagus with Lemon Matzo Crumble - an authentic Jewish dish prepared from asparagus, lemon juice, margarine and garlic.

·         Avocado and Egg Pate-an interesting blend of avocado and egg makes the dish all time favorite; parsley, spring onions, boiled eggs, pepper and avocado are mixed together with mayonnaise and served chilled.

·         Gefilte Fish Pate- a classic Jewish dish prepared with fish fillets, onions, eggs, and matzo meal and canola oil.


Jewish Dessert Ideas:


·         Chocolate Orange Torte- a delicious Jewish dessert that can be simply great for any special occasion. The ingredients used in the dish are fresh strawberries, margarine, orange juice, coffee, vanilla extract, eggs, sugar and chocolate chips.

·         Almond Flourless Chocolate Torte - mouth savoring Jewish dessert prepared from strong brewed coffee, margarine, almond extract, chocolate chips, eggs, sugar and toasted almonds.

·         Apple Fritters - authentic, easy to prepare Jewish Dessert where egg, apples and matzo meal are mixed well, fried brown and served hot.


Jewish menu items are certainly worth a try – especially if you have the desire to taste something really different!


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Jewish Menu