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Philadelphia Menu

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Philadelphia menu is famous for its dishes which are mainly prepared using locally grown ingredients. The cuisine of the region represents the ethnicities, culture and history of the place.  A rapid growth in culinary excellence has made many eateries to come up with fantastic, mouth savoring typical Philadelphia dishes. Here are some Philadelphia menu ideas selected from the large variety of fine dishes found here.


Breakfast Philadelphia Menu Ideas:


·         Oven Roasted Chicken - authentic and filling Philadelphia breakfast dish where roasted carved out chicken pieces are served with buns, mango chutney, parsley and sour cream. This is a heavy breakfast item and strict dieters are advised to stir away from it.

·         Philadelphia Scrapple - This is another breakfast dish which is high in calories. It is prepared with minced tender pork pieces are cooked in a mixture of cornmeal, flour and seasoning before they are allowed to cool.  Pork pieces are fried until crispy and golden brown making it an ideal breakfast item. The dish can also be served along with tea as a perfect munching item.

·         Philadelphia pepper pot soup – Honeycomb tripe  in the dish are cooked with vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, several other herbs like basils, thyme, marjoram. This delicious hot dish can be had either with breakfast or as an appetizer before lunch or dinner.

·         Creamy Philly scrambled Egg - Yummy breakfast item where egg is blended with cream cheese and cooked on medium heat with butter.


Lunch and Dinner Philadelphia Menu Ideas:


·         Philadelphia Roasted Veg Pasta - boiled pasta tossed in tenderly cooked vegetables and served hot with a creamy sauce topping.

Philadelphia roasted vegetable pasta

·         Philadelphia Leek Risotto - onions, celery, rosemary and rice are cooked together in the authentic dish by string occasionally until it dish becomes creamy.  Black ground pepper garnish in the dish provides it a rich aroma and also makes it spicy.

·         Philadelphia Herb Chicken - marinated chicken breasts are wrapped in foil with vegetables and baked in oven till they become tender and tasty.

·         Leek and bacon Pie - pieces of bacon and leeks in the tasty dish is cooked with milk and mashed potatoes till they become creamy in texture. The mixture of the all-time favorite dish is then combined with herb breadcrumbs and grilled until they become golden brown.

·         Philadelphia Fish Pie - healthy dish prepared from prawn cooked in olive oil, fish pie mix, mashed potatoes, milk and cheese.

Philadelphia menu fish pie


Philadelphia Menu Dessert options:


·         Philadelphia Ice -Cream- A high calorie dish in which cream and sugar is dissolved together on low heat and then mixed with vanilla extract before it is refrigerated and served cold.

·         Philadelphia Blueberry Panna Cotta - tasty Italian mousse prepared from fresh blueberry puree.  Cream and sugar in the dish are melted and mixed with gelatin powder, orange zest and other ingredients before being cooled and served with slices of orange.


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Philadelphia Menu