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Banana orange oat muffinsTexas has a strong traditional culinary culture, reflected quite well through the Dallas menu, which is a combination of traditional and contemporary dishes. Contemporary dishes cooked everyday in Dallas household are in some way or the other influenced by traditional cooking style, either through the use of ingredients or by the style of cooking. In case you are not much aware, here are some top Dallas menu items gathered for you.


Dallas menu breakfast options:

  • Dallas Breakfast casserole: Crescent rolls, sausage, fresh mushrooms, grated cheese, beaten eggs and onion soup are mainly used to prepare this casserole. It makes a filling breakfast and can be prepared within a short duration of time too.
  • Banana orange oat muffins – These muffins are ideal to be served with your morning cup of tea or milk. These are prepared with medium size ripe bananas, grated orange peel and oats as the main ingredients.


Dallas Lunch and Dinner Options:

  • Beef brisketThis is a slow cooked dish prepared using untrimmed beef brisket, black coffee, carbonated beverage, bottle ketchup, yellow mustard, brown sugar and smoke flavoring. As evident, you cannot prepare this item in a hurry – it is normally served during festivals and special occasions.
  • Honey smoked turkey – This turkey dish tastes very sweet and is quite light. It is perhaps the simplest way to cook the bird. The breast gets juicy and very tender while the honey acts as a delicious sauce. This makes a perfect dish to enjoy with your friends and family.
  • Salsa Healthy and fresh – salsa is prepared almost everyday in Dallas households.  Fresh chopped chives, cilantro, stewed tomatoes, seeded chilies, salt and pepper are combined well before serving.Nutritious salsa from Dallas menu
  • Bean and potato enchiladas – This Dallas menu item makes a wonderful dish for the vegetarians, who love to spice its taste by adding jalapenos or a tangy sauce. Vegetables used in this dish are potatoes, tomatoes, pinto beans, chopped cilantro with corn tortilla and queso fresco.


Dallas menu dessert options:White sheetcake - popular in potluck parties

  • White sheet-cake – This dessert is very popular in potluck parties and small get-togethers. It is easy to prepare and makes use of minimal ingredients in the form of chopped almonds, walnut extracts, sour cream, butter and other ingredients used in preparing cakes. White sheet cake is enjoyed warm!


Special Dallas menu cocktail:

  • Shrimp cocktail – This shrimp cocktail has a very soupy consistency and mainly prepared with medium size shrimps, large cucumber cubes, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, pepper and lime juice for the tangy taste.

Now, its your turn to try out each of these Dallas menu items and let us know your experience!


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Dallas Menu