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Taco Bell Diet Menu

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Taco Bell Diet Menu - Baked TacosIf you thought that fast food was mostly about unhealthy garb, then it's time you think  out of the bun! Taco Bell diet, also known as drive-thru diet, is loaded with seven healthy, tasty, and nutritious fresco items. A Taco Bell Diet menu would include foods like fresco burrito supreme chicken, fresco burrito supreme steak, fresco grilled steak soft taco, fresco soft taco, fresco crunchy taco, fresco chicken soft taco and fresco bean burrito. These fresco foods are considerably low in fats and calories, as compared to other fast food. These fresco delights have a calorie count of not more than 180 and use healthy veggie salsa and sour cream instead of fatty cheese and sauces, thereby making Taco Bell diet menu one of its kind of fast food diet.



Taco Bell Diet Menu Picks And Skips





Pinto’s And Cheese

Chicken Ranch Taco Salad

Fresco Crunchy Taco

Fiesta Taco Salad

Volcano Taco

Volcano Nachos

Crunchy Taco Supreme

Nachos BellGrande

Fresco Burrito Supreme Chicken

Chipotle Steak Salad



Taco Bell Diet Home Cooked Options



Nacho Potato Soup

Nacho Potato Soup

Flavorful and delicious, nacho potato soup is loaded with chicken, potatoes, and pepper sauce is low in calories and makes for a hearty dinner soup. Just skip the cheese and you will cut down on the calorie count of this mouth-watering soup considerably.


Chili Burritos

Chili Burritos

Soft, flour tortillas stuffed with ground beef, hearty tomato soup, Worcestershire sauce, pepper, lettuce, and chili powder is what makes chili burritos so delectable. Low in calories and high on taste, this yummy snack can be relished by weight watchers without feeling guilty.


Grilled Fish Tacos

Grilled Fish Tacos

On especially hungry evenings, grilled fish tacos makes for perfect dinner. However, to cut the calorie count, just grill the fish instead of deep-frying. Serve the tacos with tortillas, fish, and delectable coleslaw. A perfect low-calorie fast food delicacy.


Tortilla Casserole

Crunchy, tangy tortilla casserole made with ground beef, tomato sauce, corn, cheese, and tortillas is another yummy delight. Low in calories, this luscious casserole will help to keep your tummy filled for long and thus, save you from bingeing on unnecessary snacks.


Taco Bell diet believes in appeasing your craving and not expanding your waistline and this is exactly what this diet menu caters to.

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Taco Bell Diet Menu