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Fusion Menu

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Rice omelette - delicious filing Fusion menu refers to an innovative blend of bold flavors and unexpected ingredients. In simple words, fusion cuisine is prepared by combining different types of culinary concepts, giving rise to an all new approach towards cooking. While preparing fusion dish, the original traditional dish is given more eclectic approach with variety of ingredients taken from the cuisines of different region. The concept of fusion cuisine is very old but the combination of European and Asian cuisine results in astonishing dishes. Here is some great, mouth savoring fusion dishes.


Fusion Menu Ideas for breakfast:

·         Rojak - bright and healthy dish prepared of green beans, pineapple, mango, beans sprouts, fried tofu and English cucumber. 

·         Chinese Poha- a complete breakfast where poha is cooked along with onions, pepper, soy sauce and schezwan sauce.

·         Rice Omelette- delicious and filling dish made of onion, mushroom, egg and brown rice.

·         Tempeh Rendang - Awesome curry stew made of Thai chilies, shallots, fresh galangal, ginger, lemon grass and coconut milk.

·         Lamb Fry with Bacon- awesome dish prepared of lamb fry, flour, beef stock, parsley and assorted sauce.


Lunch and Dinner Fusion Menu Ideas:

·         Cherry Tomato Salad-Refreshing dish where marinated tomatoes are served with spicy red onion.Cherry tomato salad for lunch

·         Chinese Vegetable and Tofu Soup- assorted vegetables including baby corn and snow beans are mixed with some soft tofu, making it a delicious addition in fusion meal.

·         Sayur Kari - a perfect combination of Indonesian and Indian flavor where shallots  are cooked along with garlic, lemongrass, Thai chilies, coconut milk, green beans , carrots and fresh galangal.

·         Kangkung - mild flavored healthy dish prepared of fresh spinach, garlic, soy sauce and black pepper.

·          Bang Bang chicken- spicy chicken prepared in Szechwan style combined together with assorted vegetables and sauce.

·         Char Kway Teow - traditional main dish, served along with garlic sauce where rice noodles are cooked with bean sprouts, green onion and soy sauce.

·         Bakmie Goreng - tasty traditional fusion where fried egg noodles are cooked along with a variety of vegetables, shallots and soy sauce.

·         Lap Cheong Fried Rice-rice, fried and mixed with onion, chicken cubes, pineapple chunks, Chinese sweet sausage and other spices.



·         Baked Apple crust - Unique all-time favorite apple pie where soft, buttery and flaky apple cup is filled with vanilla ice cream and served along with warm apple balls.

·         Warm Sweet Coconut Milk Dessert- awesome dessert where sweet potato, banana and brown sugar are boiled in coconut milk and are served hot.

·         Fresh Fruit Cheesecake-Creamy cheesecake with a crunchy crust is topped with berries, other fruits like kiwi, peach and sour cream.

·         Tropical Fruit Ice- assorted fruits like mango, strawberry, lychee are cooled and served with ice and coconut milk.


If you still haven’t tried out Fusion menu – just give it a try!


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Fusion Menu