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550437-aloo-poha-delhi-breakfast.jpgw300h225Delhi does not have its own cuisine but the city is well known as the paradise for  food lovers. Dishes included in a typical Delhi menu are about a combination of various delicacies, which are offered ranging from Punjabi to Awadhi and Chinese to continental. Delhi is also famous for its wide array of mughlai dishes - kebabs topping the list of favorites.  Here are some typical Delhi dishes that you can enjoy.


Breakfast Delhi Menu Ideas:

·         Breakfast Sausage - a filling non-vegetarian dish consisting pork butt, pork fat, thyme and other spices.

·         Makkai and Green Puri- crispy and tasty puris prepared of makkai ka atta, wheat flour, and semolina, spring onion and carom seeds.


Lunch and Dinner Delhi Menu Ideas:

·         Tandoori Chicken - mouth watering spicy preparation where marinated chicken pieces are baked in oven and served along with onions and tomatoes.

·         Shammi Kebabs - tasty golden brown patties prepared of minced meat and a perfect blend of spices.

·         Tandoori roti - regular chapatti dough baked in clay oven and brushed with a little ghee on top before it is served hot.

·      Chicken Makhani - chicken breast cooked in rich gravy featuring red chili, garlic, tomato, onion, fresh cream and spices.

·         Chhole Bhature - mouth watering bhature made of all purpose flour are served with a tasty curry consisting chick peas, herbs and spices.

·         Dal Makhani - popular dish made of whole urad dal, onion, kidney beans, ginger, garlic, tomato, fresh cream and spices.

·         Biryani - awesome dish made of rice, chicken, onion and a perfect blend of assorted spices.

·         Rogan Josh - traditional mughlai dish prepared of minced mutton, onions, tomato curd, cashew nuts and spices.


Snacks from Delhi menu:

·         Gol Gappe - small flour puffs served with a potato mix and spicy water made of tamarind.

·         Chaat - tangy dish served in a variety of tasty made by mixing several ingredients like onion, corn and tomato.


Delhi desserts:Gujiya - fried and crispy dessert from delhi

·         Kulfi - Indian homemade ice cream prepared of condensed milk, cream, almonds, pistachio and saffron.

·         Milk Rabdi-  awesome dish prepared by boiling milk with grated paneer, cardamom powder, saffron and condensed milk and served after garnishing it with almonds and pistachios.

·         Gujiya -  fried and crispy flour shell consisting of a filling made of khoya, sugar, raisins and almonds.


Check out Delhi menu items whenever you get an opportunity and enjoy!


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Delhi Menu