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Crunchy dosa from Bangalore menuBangalore or Benguluru is the capital of Karnataka and is well-known for its Udupi cuisine. Bangalore menu items follow the Vedic traditions of vegetarian preparation which lays stress on absolute no use of garlic. There are many restaurants in Bangalore that  serve non-vegetarian dishes but traditional Bangalore cuisine includes dishes mainly made from grains, vegetables, beans and fruits. You can find a variety of innovative vegetarian dishes in the garden city. Here are some authentic Bangalore dishes for you.


Breakfast ideas from Bangalore menu:

·         Dosa - tasty, crunchy Bangalore dosa has an outer shell prepared of a batter made of urad dal, tuvar dal, chana dal and rice. The masala inside the shell is a little spicy and is made of potatoes, green chilies, onions, mustard seed and ginger.

·         Rava Dosa- awesome dish prepared by mixing rice flour, all purpose flour, rava, onions, chopped green chilies and other ingredients together into a batter. Rava dosa tastes great when it is served with coconut chutney.

·         Idly - healthy dish where a batter made of urad dal and rice is put into idle holder and steamed under medium flame and served  with sambar and chutney.

·         Mosaru vade- famous South Indian dish, where urad dal vada is dipped in curd mixed with grated ginger, green chillie paste and tampering consisting of mustard seed, urad dal, and curry leaves.

·         Uppittu -popular breakfast item; roasted rava is cooked with onions, potatoes and other herbs.

·         Kesari Bath -Roasted rava cooked with milk, cardamom powder, sugar, saffron and ghee.

·         Mysore Bonda- spongy dumplings of flour mixed with herbs and spices and cooked in Mysore style.Mysore bonda - dumpling made with flour


Lunch and Dinner Bangalore Menu Ideas:

·         Huli or Sambar- assorted vegetables are cooked together and mixed with cooked tuar dal, hunnase hannu, grated coconut and sambar powder.

·         Saaru or Rasam - Tangy lentil soup prepared with tomatoes, rasam powder and tamarind paste.

·         Puliyogare - Traditional dish where cooked rice is mixed with a  paste made mainly of tamarind extract, chillie powder, jiggery, chana dal, mustard seed, curry leaves and peanuts.

·         Vangi Bath - delicious dish where eggplant is cooked with various herbs and spices to make it spicy and is mixed with cooked rice before it is served.

·         Bisi bele Bath - Famous dish where assorted vegetables and spices are fried and mixed along with rice and tuar dal before they are Bisi bele bath - integral part of Bangalore menucooked.

·         Chithranna - a common and easy dish also known as lemon rice, where cooked rice is mixed with tempering consisting mustard, ginger, peanuts and lemon juice.


Bangalore snacks:

·         Maddur Vade - crispy vada prepared with a batter that is made of rava, flour, green chilies, onion and curry leaves.

·         Nippattu - small chapatti deep fried in oil, made of rice flour, chana dal powder, coarsely grinded peanut and red chili powder

·         Kodubale - Anytime snack, prepared mainly from rice flour, rava and grated coconut.

So, whether you choose to have Bangalore menu dishes in  the city or not, you will love its taste and variety!


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Bangalore Menu