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Memorial Day Menu

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Celebrate This Wonderful With Our Memorial Day Menu Ideas!With just few days left for the most exciting event, Memorial Day, you all would be searching for some good Memorial Day menu ideas. Start your summer holidays in a zestful fashion with these delectable handpicked menu ideas for this festive season.





Simple, Fun-filled Memorial Day Menu Ideas


Salsa Dip With Nachos

Salsa Dip - Refreshing Appetizer In Memorial Day Menu

What more can be a better appetizer than a delectable combination of spicy salsa dip and plentiful nachos? Try this and you will never regret!


Corn On The Cob 

Make use of this nutrient rich summer vegetable to add more color to your celebrations. Grill it and enjoy as such or top with pepper, salt and a coating of butter for more flavor!


Tomato Cheese Macaroni 

Leave your guests mesmerized with this rich, tasty tomato cheese macaroni. Seasoned with paprika and s


Hot Chicken Burger 

Chicken Burger In Memorial Day Menu

No Memorial Day celebration is complete without burgers. Spice up this festive moods with a piquant chicken burger served with extra cheese and chili sauce.


Sour Cream Potato Salad 

These creamy potatoes, with onion, eggs, and celery seeds, spiced with pepper and flavored with salad dressing, just melt in your mouth. Keep this delightful dish in surplus quantities to satiate you guests.


Baked Stuffed Tomatoes

Zesty Baked Stuffed Tomatoes In Memorial Day Menu

These baked tomatoes, stuffed with a mixture of tomato pulp, rice,  parsley, celery, pepper, and pecans, are flavorful delights in a Memorial Day menu.


Grilled Chicken Salad 

Grilled Chicken Salad - Tasty Memorial Day Menu Side Dish

A healthy salad, which is a meal by itself, this versatile dish is a good choice as a salad for Memorial Day party. The simple, yet tasty mixture of olive oil, white wine vinegar, and Dijon mustard makes this salad an enticing one.


Coconut Macaroons 

Crunchy Memorial Day Menu Dessert - Coconut Macaroons

The crispy sweet with a soft and spongy interior, this baked macaroon is an ideal choice for dessert in your Memorial Day menu. Try the eggless version enriched with condensed milk for a creamy dessert!


Double Crust Apple Pie 

The double crust pie is a dessert that gels well into any holiday party. A delightful treat for the pie lovers, this will be loved by all your guests, easy or fussy.



Lemonade For Memorial Day Menu

Nothing tastes better than a glass of refreshing homemade lemonade. Try a spiked version for adults, by adding mint and little rum.


Pineapple Cooler 

Add subtleness to this lovely drink with spices like cinnamon and cloves. The delicate blend of fresh pineapple juice, orange juice, and sugar with the fizz of soda makes this drink a refreshing one.


A good feast is necessary for a vibrant and zesty party! Try this ifood exclusive Memorial Day menu and have a rocking summer!



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Memorial Day Menu