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Dominican Menu

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Ensalada Mixta - Dominican menu salad

Dominican Republic was a part of Spanish colony, and you can find the influence of Spanish culture in the cuisine of the region. Dominican menu mainly incorporates grains, rice, corn, wheat, seafood, other legumes, and dairy product. An appropriate mixture of local herbs and spices in the dishes makes it unique, authentic and mouth savoring. Here are some typical Dominican food items, to give you a perfect island feel.


Dominican Salad options:

·         Ensalada Mixta - A colorful mixed green salad  consisting of tomatoes, cucumber, olives, asparagus, onion, baby corn, and egg.

·         Ensalada Hervida - low calorie boiled salad consisting of carrot, potato, egg, Christophine, vinegar and salt.



·         Dominican Sunoco- Soup prepared of meat (beef, chicken, pork) and other typical local vegetables.


Dominican Lunch menu options:

·         Dominican Chicken Noodle soup- Old-fashioned favorite with a tropical twist made of cooked chicken, calabaza, celery stalk and dried cilantro.

·         La Bandera Dominicana - Healthy and filling recipe made of fresh beans and other assorted vegetable, rice, meat or seafood.

·         Arroz Blanco - A traditional Dominican dish where rice is cooked soft and served with meat and bean.

·         Habichuelas Guisadas- A delicious combination of white rice, prepared mainly with beans along with other spices and herbs.

·         Berenjenas Asadas - delicious and versatile dish prepared of eggplant potatoes and tomatoes.


Dessert options:

·         Habichuelas con Dulce - Typical pudding type Dominican dish prepared of kidney beans, milk, raisins, and yam.

·         Dominican Corn Pudding- corn combined and cooked with cream, coconut, milk, sugar, and vanilla to a thick texture before refrigerating.


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Dominican Menu