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Hakka Menu

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Rice balls in Hakka menuHakka is a style of cooking primarily used by the people of southeastern China. Hakka menu items are prepared in a unique style using a wide range of ingredients.  Here are some Hakka items that can be enjoyed.


Hakka Menu appetizers:

  • Deep Fried Glutinous Rice Balls- mashed sweet potato mixed with glutinous rice flour into dough and filled with ground peanut and sugar before being fried.
  • Bamboo shoot dumplings- Pork, bamboo shoot, mushrooms and cuttlefish fried together with garlic, onion and wrapped in flour dough before steaming.


Lunch Menu ideas:

  • Noh Mi Ap - A whole duck deboned, cleaned and stuffed with rice to make it a popular traditional dish.
  • Eggplant with Sweet Basil Leaf - ideal side dish where eggplant is mixed and steamed together with garlic and sauces to give it a tangy taste
  • Hakka Fried Noodles - Blanch noodles mixed with fried aromatic garlic, beans, prawns and beans sprouts.

Hakka fried noodles from lunch menu

  • Fish Rolls with Rice Wine paste - Marinated fish fillets steamed with asparagus and spring onion and them put into gravy prepared of cornstarch, sesame oil and red wine paste.

Fish rolls with rice wine paste and rice

Hakka menu dessert ideas:

  • Pop Rice Candy - tasty dessert prepared of ready pop rice, peanut, sesame seeds and grated orange peel.
  • Fried Pork with Fermented Tofu - tradition dish prepared in two stages, where the marinated pork is first friend and then dipped in stew made of tofu.


Beverage ideas: 

  • Hakka Lui-Cha - Tea prepared of assorted tea leaves and other herbs making it a tasty brew.


Try out any of these Hakka menu items and you will love it!


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Hakka Menu