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1600 Calorie Diet Menu

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1600 calorie diet menu1600 calorie diet menu is a huge rage among weight-watchers and dieters. Wonder why? This is because a 1600 calorie diet menu, unlike other fad diets, stresses on proper nutrition and multiple small meals. Just like the name suggests, a 1600 calorie diet menu involves a healthy mix of fruits, vegetables, meat, fats starches, meat fats and substitutes. The main benefits of 1600 calorie diet menu are that apart from regulating your daily calorie intake, it helps you to shed extra kilos and maintain a healthy body weight. This low-calorie diet menu is ideal for those looking to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle and get rid of love handles and muffin tops for good.


1600 Calorie Diet Menu Checklist





Processed foods

Lean Meat

Fried Foods




Aerated Drinks





Treat Yourself To Good Health With 1600 Calorie Diet Sample


Bran English Muffins

You don’t really have to be an epicurean to know how appeasing bran English muffins are to the palate. These tempting bran cakes can be made in a jiffy and is extremely rich source of iron, carbs, magnesium and other vital nutrients.


Roast Beef Sandwich

This extremely palatable beef dish is relished all over the world and makes for a really healthy treat, especially when you are looking for food that is low in calories. Just squeeze in a slice of lean roast beef on two slice of whole-wheat bread, smear some mustard, add some greens and slices of apples and voila, you have a low-calorie sandwich at hand.


Herbed Roast Chicken


Following a 1600 calorie diet menu doesn’t mean that you have to survive on a tasteless fare. Just add a dash of garlic and lime juice to your chicken roast, and there you have an utterly zesty dish at hand that is low in calories.


Garden Salad

Your 1600 calorie diet menu is incomplete without loads and loads of greens. True to its name, garden salad makes for a yummy side dish. Loaded with cabbage, celery, carrots, cucumber and radishes, this delectable garden salad goes well with mayonnaise and chili sauce.


1600 calorie diet menu basically includes a health serving of meat, grains, vegetables and fruits and believes in eating three big meals and a snack.

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1600 Calorie Diet Menu