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Breadcrumb Menu

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Use stale bread to make breadcrumbsNeed suggestions for breadcrumb menu? Bread crumbs are useful in an assortment of dishes. They can be used to bulk up meat loaf or meat balls, and they're ideal breading for chicken, pork, beef or fish. Unlike store-bought bread crumbs, homemade ones are tastier so stick with those while attempting these delicious dishes.


Breaded Chicken

This is perhaps the easiest dish you could prepare using chicken, except for roasting it with some salt and pepper. You merely mix bread crumbs with your favorite seasonings, smear the chicken and bake. You can do this with a whole chicken or parts, skin on or off, and you can use your whatsoever spices you want. Serve this dish with some mashed potatoes and steamed veggies.



Cauliflower with Buttery Breadcrumb Topping

What a scrumptious dish this one makes! This is an excellent and nutritious entree choice for virtually every meal. It is ideal for vegetarians as well. Cauliflower with buttery breadcrumb topping goes great with beef, chicken, and especially well with pork tenderloin. You can also choose to serve it as a side dish if you like. It’s simple enough to make and the rich savory flavor will have your guests itching to know how it’s made.



Pan Fried Fish Fillet with Bread Crumbs

Pan fried fish fillet

Appropriately pan-fried fish is an utter delight. The crisp outer coating gives both flavor and a pleasant textural contrast, while shielding the delicate flesh inside. Japanese-style panko bread crumbs do extremely well in this role, giving fish an extraordinarily crisp and golden shell. The trick to pan frying fish in panko lies in covering the fillets evenly and cooking them at the right heat to curtail oil absorption


Baked Pasta 

Baked Pasta using breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs can be mixed with crushed fresh herbs, parmesan and or Romano cheese, salt and pepper, to make a perfect topping for baked pasta. The bread crumbs will add a delicious crunch to your pasta making it that much more appetizing.



Spiced Breadcrumb Pudding

A good breadcrumb pudding is silky, creamy and custardy, with a hint of crispness on top. Lightly fragrant with spices, and not too sweet, letting a little of its humble bread loaf origins shine through. Bread pudding can be cooked up in numerous ways – from adding fruit or chocolate to going wild crazy with sauces – while staying true to its fundamental nature. This dessert is truly delectable.


Almost any bread can be used to make bread crumbs, though more flavorful bread will make will of course make the tastier crumbs. Use appetizing breadcrumbs to do justice to these wonderful dishes listed here on this breadcrumb menu.


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Breadcrumb Menu