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Oregano Menu

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Oregano seasoningThere are very creative dishes you can consider putting on an oregano menu. This is such a charmingly aromatic herb that it can completely change the flavor of a dreary dish. This herb is exceedingly versatile, you can use it to make into marinades, garnish food with, use it to season certain foods, and the options are endless. Here are some fantastic oregano menu ideas you can work with. 


Lemon Oregano Chicken

You can easily use a whole a whole chicken if making this dish for a family dinner. In the winter cook it in the oven, and in the summer you can use a grill. Both methods are akin, while grilling adds a smokier taste to the chicken meat, especially when using a charcoal grill. Oregano has a very palatable flavor, and the marinade for the chicken is chock-full of it. For those who are not overly fond of this herb, they can substitute rosemary or cilantro with great results.


Grilled Whole Red Snapper with Sea Salt and Fresh Oregano

You don't have to be a gourmet to figure out how enticing and flavorful the grilled red Snapper with sea salt and fresh oregano is. You can pair this dish with a black olive and feta cheese relish as it complements the flavors of this recipe really well.  The red snapper is high on omega 3 fatty acids which are extremely healthy for you.  You will need about 6 ounce red snapper fillets for this dish. Garnish with chopped cilantro leaves to make it look aesthetically pleasing.


Lemon Oregano Rice

Lemon oregano rice

Try out an easy to prepare Lemon and oregano rice dish with fresh and flavorful oregano leaves tossed with rice. This aromatic rice dish is appealing in appearance and great in taste and hence makes for a perfect choice for parties and other festivities. This dish goes supremely well with any seafood or poultry dish. It’s easy enough to make and luxurious enough to serve guests.


Oregano Pizzas 

The most common way people use oregano, as a seasoning for pizza. Oregano is truly a ‘pizza herb’ considering the amount of flavor it adds to the slice as soon as it is sprinkled on. You can even mix some of this herb in the pizza dough to make an oregano crust for the pizza. Try using other herbs like thyme and rosemary to make in more flavors.


Hope you enjoy these oregano menu ideas. Oregano is great for flavoring meats, soups and stews so you can experiment with this herb in a lot of different dishes. If you are looking for some more dishes, you can refer to these recipe ideas from ifood.


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Oregano Menu