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Picnic Dinner

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Picnic Dinner Menu

Picnic Dinner altogether is a great fun and gala moment of celebration. Picnic is arranged for eating out for fun and merriment and picnic dinner is the end of the fun fulfilled day therefore dinner picnic menu has to be something really special, which can park the fine tune of the day. In fact, picnic dinner menu largely depends on the participants. If it is friendly meet you have to design the menu accordingly. In case you have planned for family picnic at night, you have to take care of the participating kids as well.   


Let’s take a look on some easy-to-make dinner for picnic menu. However, spicy menu is not good for dinner be it picnic or a party because it creates extra load on digestive system. It is always recommended to have low fat dinner menu so it is applicable for dinner menu at picnic too. Similarly, the menu should be simple enough and easy to serve.

Some of the easy and hit items for picnic dinner menu are

Salads are always good for picnic but I must add fruit salad is not a good option for dinner menu as it may cause problem of acidity in some people. On the other hand carrying creamy dressed salad is a great problem for outdoor picnic as due to tossing they may lose their appetizing look.  Salads for picnic dinner should be mixed in a bowl before serving. Instead of salad you can serve tiny potatoes with black pepper, mustard, and salt and it forms a savory starter for the dinner. You can serve with one glass of wine as well.


For dessert you can have cakes, tarts, and flans; however the flans must not be with very runny filling. Moulded dessert like summer pudding may serve the purpose perfect. In summer you can add some tasty icecream as well for sweet end of the gala eating time.


You must have some provision for drinks at least before serving the meal. Beer, alcoholic beverages is wonderful for dinner party. For kids you can arrange nutrient rich smoothies or some energy drinks for keeping up their energy level on high.

You must keep adequate mineral water also.


Now if you have to plan for a picnic dinner menu the task will be easier for you.



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Picnic Dinner