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Dessert Party Menu

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Tiramisu - The Italian Connection In Your Dessert Party Menu

A dessert party menu forces you to let go off all the inhibitions and restrictions you have on your diet. Forget that you are calories conscious. Indulge in this exclusive sinfully rich party menu that ifood has prepared for the dessert lovers of the world. This menu for dessert party is a marvelous blend of the most exotic desserts from across the world. Strike the right note with these delicious desserts.


The Unforgettable Dessert Party Menu


American Walnut Cake 


This luscious easy to make dessert simply can be enjoyed without any restrictions. The walnuts give the cake a crunchy effect while butter makes it melt in your mouth.




Include this most elegant and extravagant dessert in your dessert  menu. While there are innumerable variations to this exotic dessert, the basic variant is just a custard or a chocolate pudding which is layered using lady fingers.


Carrot Halwa - The Yummy Indian DessertCarrot Halwa


Words fall short to describe this exotic Indian dessert. The ideal blend of carrots with milk makes this yummy dessert a favorite among food lovers. You can serve this dessert warm with vanilla ice cream.


Greek Honey Pie 


A very tasty, yet simple dessert, the cheese along with castor sugar and honey renders a royal touch to this simple treat.


Chocolate Mousse - A Perfect Member Of Dessert Party MenuChocolate Mousse


An attraction for the kids and adults, this smooth textured dessert, sinfully rich in chocolate lures even the most resistant dieter towards it. Prepare if well ahead of time, chill and serve.


English Galette 


A very popular English dessert inspired by French cuisine, Galette is definitely worth inclusion in the dessert party menu ideas. This creamy dessert brings with it the goodness of apples and eggs.


Fruit Salad 


Give your dessert party menu a healthy appeal with a freshly prepared fruit salad. Serve this beside whipped cream or honey.


A Dessert Party Menu Without Ice Cream?Ice Cream


Which dessert menu will be complete without an ice cream? Present a wide assortment of flavors to choose from, including vanilla, chocolate, praline and cream, peach, mango and butterscotch.


Get ready for an enticing experience with this rich and exotic dessert party menu!


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Dessert Party Menu