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Picnic Brunch

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Picnic brunch

Picnic Brunch menu is a matter of great planning. In case you are on a tour and you have hardly any time to have a complete lunch or you are supposed take late breakfast, these picnic brunch ideas can perfectly work for you. Let’s have a look what are the possible picnic brunch menu inclusions which can be sorted out with quick fix solution. 


Some Tasty Picnic Brunch menu ideas

  • Salad is one of the best and simple menus for picnic brunch. Depending on the consumer choice it can be veggie salad topped by cream or yogurt or you can make a chicken salad. It is easy to make, savory in taste, and packed with balanced food value and calorie count.
  • Orange Pecan French Toast or Quiche Lorraine can be perfect choice for a picnic brunch menu. These items are easy to carry, easy to prepare, and easy to serve and preferred by both kids and adults.
  • You can select you main dishes with Mimosa or Brunch Potato Casserole; keep the baked potatoes in foil pack immediately after baking, It will preserve the moisture as well as it will help in keeping the crispy taste of the preparation.
  • You can add fruit salad at the end as dessert however cupcakes or pudding can also be an option. In case you do not want to repeat salad again some attractive drinks at the end will compliment your picnic brunch menu surely.
  • Make savory orange juice or pomegranate cosmopolitans; is case the participants do not like for drinks on outdoor picnic, go for hot tea or coffee at the end of your picnic brunch menu. It will work as stamina booster for your fun day ahead.

Now I hope next time you will plan your picinc brunch menu you will face little problem to fix it.



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Picnic Brunch