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Picnic Sides

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Picnic sides add a new taste Picnic sidesand level of fun in the main meal. Have a look here for some sumptuous options if you have anything to plan in your ensuing picnic.  



Some options for picnic sides

Side dishes are especially made to complement main foods. Salads are one of the popular side-dishes for picnic menu and salads can be made with different ingredients and with different calorie level. A picnic is mainly an outdoor eating plan; therefore, mostly low calorie dishes are preferred here.

  • You can turn your simple pasta salad into a savory one with red wine vinegar dressing
  • A healthy side dish can be prepared with corn-and-bean combo sprinkles with cheese and mustard; a tasty side dish as well as smart eating plan also for health freaks.
  • Take egg’s deviled mixture and add crab and chutney on the top of it; it will make appetizers wonderfully tasty.
  • Make green salads and add some homemade vinaigrette; it will extra usual toss on your picnic sides.


Some other side dishes options are


  • Seattle special spinach balls along with feta cheese and special caramelized onion. A sure shot veggie favorite for all
  • Dishful creamy scalloped potatoes seasoned with white wine and yogurt; instead of yogurt you can use yogurt bechamel sauce to avoid lactose intolerance problem in the participants, if anybody has the issue.
  • You can prepare Chili Lime Shrimp Tacos with Avocado, Strawberry, and Mango Salsa.

The options for picnic sides are endless and there are scope for endless creativity to entertain the guest and friends coming to join the picnic. We have shared here some easy-to-do recipes in case you come up with any new ideas let us know also.

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Picnic Sides