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ADA Diet Menu

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ADA diet menu or American Diabetic Association diet is a special kind of a diet plan devised especially for diabetics keeping in mind their dietary requirements and with a view to curb down the blood glucose and cholesterol and maintain a healthy weight. Unlike other diets, an ADA diet is quite flexible and does not endorse a strict diet plan. In fact, it mainly stresses on limiting the daily caloric intake to 1,200 and avoiding the consumption of fried foods, alcohol and fruits that can affect heart health in the long run. The ADA diet menu doesn’t believe in restricting consumption of carbs, fats, and sodium, etc. On the contrary, it recommends limiting the serving of foods as the best way to prevent blood glucose rise.

ADA Diet Menu Is Naturally Good!


Tomato Basil Soup 

 Tomato Basil Soup

If you think that there is nothing exciting about light broth with garnishes, then wait till you savor tomato basil soup. Soup’s any day nice starter to a great meal and tomato basil soup is indeed a healthy appetizer to kick-start your meal.


Greek Salad Pitas 


If you love your Greek salad, then you are absolute gonna drool over this lip-smacking side dish that is loaded with tomatoes, peppers, feta cheese, whole wheat pita breads and loads of olive oil. With so many luscious ingredients to its name, this salad could easily pass on for a meal of its own.


Chicken Pot Pie 

 Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie, unlike other humble pies, is cooked in a pot and a pie shell. Not only is it highly nutritious, but is awesomely delish too.  The double pastry crust loaded with vegetables and meat and seasoned with nutmeg, this main dish is truly irresistible.


Baked Fish with Pineapple Salsa 


If you are bored of the regular stuff and wish to try something different for your dinner, then going for something nutritious and delicious as baked fish with pineapple salsa.  The delicately cooked fish flavored with pineapple makes this main dish all the more appetizing.


ADA diet menu basically recommends consuming between 1600-2800 calories depending on weight, sex, and health requirements. Active women should aim  for low to mid range calorie consumption.  Men should consume mid-range calories while active guys should go for 2800 calorie consumption every day.


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ADA Diet Menu