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Maharashtrian Thali

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An Elaborate vegetarian Mahrashtrian Thali

A typical Maharashtrian Thali is a platter of various Marathi foods, arranged in a predetermined sequence. The sequence of arranging the food carries immense significance in Marathi cuisine. Maharashtrian Thalis combine the spices an dtang from the coastal belt of India along with the mesmerizing, rustic and earthy flavor of the Deccan. Marathi dishes contain lots of simple ingredients plus coconuts, cashew nuts and peanuts along with a wide variety of vegetables.


Cooked in peanut oil, the dishes of Marathi Thali are simple, tasty and at the same time, nutritious and healthy. In short, a Maharashtrian Thali resonate the down to earth, yet royal culture of the land.


Special care must be taken while arranging a Maharashtrian Thali. When arranging a plate, consider Maharashtrian Thali as a clock. Start with the salt as at position number 12. Arrange leftwards starting with lemon wedges, chutneys, Pickles/Lonache and koshimbirs/Salads. To the right side of the salt, you can place different vegetables like paatal bhaji/vegetable curry and paale bhaji/leafy greens followed by suki bhaaji/dry stir fry, usal/sprouts and finally Amti/daals. Arrange cooked white rice, bhatachi mood, along with Varan/Yellow plain tuvar dal topped with a little toop/clarified butter on to the right hand side of the plate.


Read on know how to prepare an authentic Marathi Thali.


An Elegant, Yet Simple Maharastrian Thali



Koshimbir - The SaladThe chopped, diced or shredded raw salads with vegetables and lentils, spiced with lemon or yogurt, are simply delectable for the palates. 


Alu Vadi 

Also known as patra in other parts of India, this quintessential finger food is made from colocasia leaves, which are smeared with a sweet and spicy filling, rolled, steamed and then fried. They are usually served with a generous garnish of grated fresh coconut. 


Kothimbir Vade

A very popular Maharashtrian snack, this is often served as a starter in a Marathi Thali. Opt for a oven-baked version instead of a deep fried version for a healthier option.


Poli - The Maharashtrian FlatbreadPoli/Chapati 

These are Indian flatbreads made using whole wheat flour and roasted on flame.



Sprouts, called as usal, are part of daily meal and are paired with bhaajis or rotis.


Batatya Chi Bhaji

This simple dish made using potatoes and spiced with crushed peanuts, it is the preferred choice during fasting days of festive seasons.


Tambda Rassa

This mutton dish from Kolhapur of Maharashtra is a preferred choice among the non-vegetarian lovers. Bhaat and poli pair perfectly with this dish.



A typical Maharashtrian soft cooked lentil dish, this is a must include while preparing a typical Maharashtrian meal.



Bhaat is nothing but plain cooked white rice which is enjoyed with the other dishes. During festivities, flavored rice varieties like Masale Bhaat or Vaangi Bhaat are served as part of the Maharashtrian Thali.



No Maharashtrian meal is complete without yogurt or curd.


Puran Poli 

Puran Poli - A delicious Maharastrian dessertThis sweet Indian flatbread can be enjoyed with clarified butter and milk.



An authentic Maharashtrian dessert prepared by condensing milk with sugar and dry fruits, your guests will be dazzled by its rich taste and aroma.


Don’t forget to add salt and pickle to the Thali. They are vital ingredients.


So next time you want to try preparing a Maharashtrian Thali, make use of these ideas. You will be definitely be appreciated for your efforts! 


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Maharashtrian Thali