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Fruit Menu

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Working with a fruit menu will really test your mettle as a cook. Instead of sticking to just fruit based dessert recipes, step out of your comnfort zone and whip up some soups curries and smoothies. To help you think of ideas take a look at some of these scintillating fruit menu dieas.


Sour Cherry Soup

This soup is made with sour cream, sugar, and whole fresh sour cherries, ice-cold and a tad bit sweet. This soup is a summer delicacy in several European fares. It is conventionally served as a dinner course, usually as the  starter, soup or dessert - on hot summer nights or warm summer luncheons. The soup is cooked with whole sour cherries, as well as the pits. You can even add a bit of dry red or sweet white wine before serving.


Fresh Fruit Salad

This dish is extremely versatile as it can be served as an appetizer, as an accompaniment with the main entree or as a dessert. You can customize it according to personal preferences, serve it with vanilla icecream to excite the kids, fresh cream for the adults and low fat whipped cream for the calorie conscious.


Mango Rice 

Make sure you peel the skin of the mango before using them for this recipe. This dish is also ideal if you have a lot of left over rice from the night before. You will need some finely chopped mangoes along with a mango paste. The fruit gives a delectable bite to the dish. The aroma that comes out of the dish while cooking is quite intoxicating. After you have tried this dish once, you are going to want to make it over and over again because once will simply not be enough.


Pineapple in Coconut Curry

This spicy curry from South East Asia will be a sure hit with the guests savoring this pineapple menu. This vegetarian pineapple Coconut Curry is so easy to make, yet tastes so intricate and wonderful, that it will require some restraint to not eat the whole thing standing in front of the stove. Most of the ingredients come straight from a well-stocked pantry, however, a good pineapple from a farmers market or local produce stand is worth the effort. While you can serve this curry with any rice or noodle, it goes mostly well with short-grain brown rice.


Cold Zabaglione with Bananas

Zabaglione makes for a chic finish to an authentic Italian meal. Customarily, this winy custard turns up at the table hot but zabaglione also makes a charming chilled dessert. Try whipping up some cold zabaglione with bananas, sprinkled with crushed macaroons. Once the Zabaglione is prepared, peel the bananas and slice into discs. Arrange a few discs in each of the dessert bowls and spoon in the Zabaglione. Decorate the bowls with the remaining banana slices and the crumbled macaroons or amoretti.


Now hopefully these ideas managed to get you salivating just enough to get started on these dishes right away. Pick fruit from your local farmers market to get the best kind available.


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Fruit Menu