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Grape Menu

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Bunch of grapesA grape menu should bring with it grape expectations.  Although grapes make great snacks in the lunchbox or as an end-of-meal dessert, they have other possibilities. Here are a few ideas on how to make other dishes and drinks with this fruit of the vine. Listed below are some super tasty grape menu ideas that will make your mouth water.



Frosted Grapes

This is a great party snack to serve around to your guests. Very easy to make, all you need is egg white, the grapes of your choice, seedless ones will definitely work better for this dish and some sugar. You can arrange it on a plate and serve with toothpicks or just let guests use their fingers.


Grape Chicken Salad

Grape chicken salad takes less than 25 minutes of preparation time. Chicken salad works well as the entree or it can be an accompaniment to bigger dishes like spaghetti or fried chicken. The grape chicken salad also works well as a dip for crackers and chips or as a sandwich for lunch. With just about five key ingredients, this dish is unproblematic for children to help make, too


Grape Martini

This drink is going to look really cook on the grape menu. Not very many people would have tried this spin off of the martini. Remember to chill your martini glass by either sticking it in ice or putting it in the freezer while you mix the cocktail. To give this cocktail special touch, rim the glass with some grape sugar. Put a couple of grapes in the glass to make it look fancier.


Lamb in Grape Sauce

Does this just not sound extravagantly delicious? Just the sound of it should make someone want to get a taste of it immediately. Who would ever think of pairing lamb and grape sauce together? Well not only can they be paired they also complement each other in flavor immensely. The delicious grape sauce makes the dish extremely delectable and aromatic.  Definitely a must for a grape menu.


Blackberry and Grape Smoothie



Ideally, fresh ripe fruits would be ideal for this drink rather than the frozen variety but if you can’t get fresh blackberries, the frozen stuff will suffice. There will be no need for any extra sugar or artificial sweetener. Use low fat yogurt to make this drink really healthy. You can even combine a couple of other fruits to get a variation on the smoothie. Add some crushed ice and you get a delicious frozen smoothie.


Hope you enjoyed these over the top delicious dishes recommended for a grape menu. If you are looking for some more ideas, check out these recipes on ifood.


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Grape Menu