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Punjabi Thali

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A Sample Punjabi Thali

Punjabi Thali is ideally the concept of serving the rich delicacies from Punjab in a single plate. The various dishes of Punjab reflect the immensely rich culture and heritage the land owns. A Punjabi Thali can either be vegetarian or non-vegetarian.


If you have a look at a typical Punjabi Thali, you can see that it is an ideal source of balanced diet with whole wheat rotis, daal, vegetables, curd and sweetmeat. Punjabis prefer to enjoy whole wheat Indian flat breads, both stuffed and non-stuffed ones, they also consume rice in form of various pulav varieties during occasions like Baisakhi.


Ghee, paneer aka cottage cheese, vegetables like potatoes and egg plant and leafy vegetables like palak [spinach] and methi [fenugreek leaves] along with curd, preferably in the form of lassi, are inevitable ingredients of a Punjabi Thali. A traditional Punjabi Thali is made up of the following


  1. Jal Jeera – Appetizer
  2. Dal/Lentil
  3. Subzi/Vegetarian
  4. Non-vegetarian Dish
  5. Rotis or Parathas/Cereals
  6. Lassi/Sweetened Curd
  7. Achar/Pickle
  8. Papad
  9. Halwa/Sweet


Read on to know about some marvelous, yet easy to prepare dishes that you can prepare when putting together a Punjabi Thali


A Delicious Punjabi Thali Menu




A favorite drink of the Punjabis, this appetizer is a delicate blend of cumin seed powder and lemonade. An appetizing drink, the black or rock salt present in this aids digestion.


Pindi Chana 


One of the most sought after Punjabi dishes, Pindi Chana is prepared with chick peas and a variety of Indian spices. An easy to prepare dish, it can even be enjoyed with plain rice.


Khatte Aloo 

Mutter Paneer - A Marvelous Dish In PUnjabi Thali


Bringing together the tanginess of dry mango powder with the distinct flavor of other spices, this potato dish attracts even the choosiest of the diners for a second helping.


Panner Mutter 


The yummy combination of cottage cheese, fresh green peas and cream of milk in spiced onion gravy is sure to tempt people on diet as well.



Murg Badami 


This yummy chicken dish in cashew gravy and garnished with almonds is alluring feasts to the eyes and taste buds.


Lacha Paratha 


The layered Indian flatbread made using whole wheat flour is healthy and tasty. Ghee adds to the enticing aroma of this bread.


Jeera Mutter Pulao 


A simple, yet royal rice variety, this brings together the goodness of cumin seeds and green peas.


Aam Da Achar 


The hot., spicy mango pickle makes the perfect combination for laccha parathas.


Palak Da Raita 



A healthy yogurt side dish containing spinach, this is normally served to be enjoyed with rice.




Whisked curd with sugar, this drink is enough serves as a dessert as well. Along with quenching your thirst, this is very healthy.


Punjabi Papad 


Sooji Ka Halwa - A Yummy Punjabi Thali Dessert

A thin, crispy wafer, this can be prepared in the roasted or deep fried form. Top the deep fried papad with a combination of onions, tomatoes, red chili powder and salt and a dash of lemon. This simple dish transfers into a yummy, elegant appetizer.


Sooji Ka Halwa 


A sweet delicacy prepared using whole wheat flour and semolina, this is an ideal way to end a Punjabi Thali.


Aren’t these Punjabi Thali dishes yummy? Try them today to experience the true flavor of Punjab. 


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Punjabi Thali