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Thirty Minute Menu

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Thirty Minute MenuWith lives getting busier by the day, quick meals are gaining popularity like never before. Therefore, it is natural for thirty minute menu ideas to become the rage that they are. With cookbooks also rising to the demand, knowing how to do a quicker recipe for any kind of food item makes life easier for families everywhere. Here are a few thirty minute recipes that one can try anytime.




  1. Shrimp Tostadas – a rather elegant recipe involving guacamole, all one needs to do is to cook shrimp in olive oil with sautéed onions and garlic, add black beans and salsa to it, pile it over baked or fried tostada shells and guacamole.   
  2. Herbed Ricotta with Fusilli and grape tomatoes – Ricotta and Romano cheeses mixed with oregano and basil added to cooked fusilli pasta along with greape tomatoes and whole basil leaves makes for a wonderful quick preparation
  3. Tuna Nicoise Salad – if you need something more exclusive and sophisticated, this recipe involving tuna steaks, Dijon mustard, and asparagus could just be for you
  4. Bruschetta with hot cherry Tomatoes – this rather wonderful recipe not only takes just twenty minutes to prepare, but is also rather healthy recipe, since it is broiled and made in extra virgin olive oil.
  5. Barbeque Chicken Pizza – If you have any leftover barbeque chicken,  you can easily turn it into a takeout style pizza within seconds
  6. Sausage Jambalaya – This classic Creole dish can be prepared within minutes, especially if instant uncooked brown rice is readily available.
  7. Pasta Frittata – Those who like both the pasta and frittata can actually combine the two and come up with an excellent and easy to prepare cooked spaghetti or pasta frittata.
  8. Grilled Venison Backstrap – Marinated twice, wrapped  in bacon and grilled till crisp all over, this venison preparation takes less time to prepare than one might think and is a superb quick dinner option.
  9. Walnut and Butter delight bars – an excellent snack bar or healthy dessert bar, especially loved by children.
  10. Lemon Dessert Bread – contrary to most other desserts, this is also a wonderful finger food recipe.

Thirty minute menu is a wonderful way for recipe planning; take a break at the starting of week and then plan accordingly.


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Thirty Minute Menu