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Four Week Menu

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It is one thing to have to plan for a day, another when one needs to plan for a month. When planning for four week menu all at once, it is better to keep a template meal plan ready and to keep referring to it as and when needed. Here’s a simple way to balance a four week menu when planning meals.









Salad and Pasta, fruit bowl


Egg Recipe


Soup, seafood and sorbet


Cereal, juice


Pot roast, cake


French Toast, smoothie


Italian food, tarts


Something healthy

Something healthy

Something healthy


Something Easy

Something Easy

Something Easy


Something New

Something New

Something New

Here’s how you can plan your four week menu one week at a time:

Week One

  1. Monday – Pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast, Tuna sandwiches for lunch, egg salad, pasta arabiata and fruit bowl for dinner     
  2. Tuesday – Eggs and bacon for breakfast, fajitas for lunch and soup, smoked salmon and raspberry sorbet for dinner 
  3. Wednesday – cereal bowl with fruits and nuts, and orange juice for breakfast, pork quesadilla for lunch, beef pot roast and cheesecake for dinner       
  4. Thursday – French toast with bananas, litchi smoothie for breakfast, Spaghetti Bolognese for lunch, Pizza and cherry tart for dinner     
  5. Friday – Salad greens and fresh fruit bowl for breakfast, coleslaw sandwiches for lunch, vegetarian risotto and fresh fruit for dinner.
  6. Saturday – make Saturdays easiest by including more of easy to prepare salads and such, or use it to finish any leftovers
  7. Sunday – Sunday is for you to try something new in the kitchen. Wanted to try chocolate brownie? Go ahead! Keep Sunday for experimentation in the kitchen.

Here’s the plan for another week from the four week menu

Week Two

  1. Monday – Pancakes chocolate chips for breakfast, egg sandwiches for lunch, tuna salad, pasta alfredo and fruit bowl for dinner
  2. Tuesday – frittata for breakfast, taco and beans for lunch and soup, Crab patties and mango sorbet for dinner
  3. Wednesday – cereal bowl with fruits and nuts, and cranberry juice for breakfast, chicken footlong sandwich for lunch, pot roast with vegetables and banana muffins for dinner
  4. Thursday – French toast stuffed with blueberries, redcurrant and cranberry smoothie for breakfast, bacon spaghetti for lunch, lasagna and blueberry tart for dinner
  5. Friday – whole wheat sandwiches and fresh fruit bowl for breakfast, pasta salad for lunch, vegetable and herb casserole and fresh fruit for dinner
  6. Saturday – Use leftovers for all three courses
  7. Sunday – try quiche for breakfast, chilli dogs for lunch and meatloaf and ice cream for dinner

In this way you can plan your four week menu.


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Four Week Menu