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Weight Watchers Diet Menu

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Weight watchers diet menu includes food that aids healthy weight loss. This diet program is devised in a way so as to make the dieters conscious of their calorie intake. In this specialized form of diet, numerical values are assigned to foods depending on their fat and fiber content. Those foods that have less fiber and high fats have higher points than those that contain high fiber. This diet encourages dieters to eat healthy foods and shun fatty foods. Result, healthy body and mind.



 Watch Your Weight Reduce With Healthy Diet Menus

Green Tea Infused Citrus Sorbet

 Green Tea

Nothing relaxes you more on a long, tiring day than a glass of green tea infused citrus sorbet stirred up with orange, lemon and green tea. While green tea helps to pep up your mind and body, zesty lemon and orange rind adds a tangy touch to this luscious drink.


Chicken-Rice Casserole


If you dig for a dish that is high on taste and doesn't compromises on health, then gorging on this chicken delicacy would surely appease your hungry tummy. Mouth-watering chicken rice casserole uses chicken as its key ingredient and can be savored as a main dish. What's more, it's totally nutritious and low on calories!


Irish Stew


This traditional Irish Stew made from mutton or lamb is a mouth-watering peasant dish that is relished by all. Made of lamb, potato and onion stew, this gourmet delight is every foodie's ultimate delight. Just try this dish and savor it steaming hot.


Zucchini-Lemon Muffins


Doesn't matter whether you are dieting or not, zucchini lemon muffins makes for scrumptious delights. Fine, fluffy and lemony, these melt-in-the-mouth muffins is extremely low in fat and is extremely palatable.


Spicy Shrimp Salad


If you can't be appeased without a shrimp dish but stay away from the fear of over-bingeing, then this lip-smacking, nutritious spicy shrimp salad is sure to woo the weight-watcher in you. Loaded with mind-boggling flavor, taste and texture, this zesty salad is sure to get you begging for more.


Stuffed Mushroom Caps


If you are looking for a side-dish that is healthy and nutritious and can be a crowd-pleaser at the same time, then nothing would suit your palate better than stuffed mushroom caps. Easy to make and good to taste, you can't real miss out on this starter when planning your lavish yet low-cal dinner fare.

Weight watchers diet is the healthiest way to get rid of muffin tops and love handles without having to starve oneself to death.


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Weight Watchers Diet Menu