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Ovo Vegetarian Menu

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Ovo Vegetarian Menu--devilled eggs

Ovo vegetarian menu is specifically for those people who are vegetarians but consume eggs. They are sometimes also referred to as ‘eggetarians’. But unlike lacto vegetarians they do not consume any dairy product like milk, yogurt, etc.

The reason behind not consuming dairy products may be varied according to one’s personal views but some common reasons are — not agreeing to industrial practices employed in making their meat, concerns about keeping a cow pregnant constantly to get more milk etc.

Whatever the reason may be, but nowadays you might come across many people who follow the ovo vegetarian diet.

So if you happen to play host to guests who are ovo vegetarians, then planning a menu for them may prove slightly tricky.

The list of restricted food items is not much but is very important to keep in mind while making the menu for an ovo vegetarian.






Dairy products like yogurt, cheese etc.

Nuts, grains

Meat of any kind

Soy and tofu



Cream and cream based dressings, sauces etc.


This list will help you in streamlining your options while preparing the menu for your ovo vegetarian guests.


Some Exclusive Ovo Vegetarian Menu Ideas:--


Roasted Vegetable Tortilla

A Roasted Vegetable Tortilla will be a good start to the meal.

It is prepared by baking together mixed vegetables like onions, carrots, potatoes, asparagus, etc. and flavored with balsamic vinegar, pesto, salt, pepper and olive oil and then filling the tortillas with it and leave out the cheese.


Macedoine Of Vegetables

Macedoine Of Vegetables can also be prepared for starters. It has carrots, egg yolk, turnip, parsley, peas and vegetable sauce for flavouring.


Vegetable And Noodle Soup

You can make Vegetable And Noodle Soup for appetizer.

It is made from vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, noodles etc. and is very tasty.


Clear Soup

A Clear Soup is a healthy option. It has carrots, celery, lettuce, cabbage, etc. and you can even make modifications in the ingredients according to the taste of your guests.


Corn and Black Bean Salad

Add a Corn and Black Bean Salad to the menu.

corn and black bean salad

It has beans, corn, green pepper, red pepper, onions, parsley among other ingredients and is very refreshing.


Vegetables Au Gratin

Vegetables Au Gratin will make for a simple, no hassle main course dish.

It is prepared from bread crumbs and cooked vegetables.


Spicy Egg Gravy

Spicy Egg Gravy is a very tasty dish which you can add to the menu.

It is made from boiled eggs and flavored with lots of spices like peppers, cilantro, turmeric, etc.


Lite Vegetable Biryani

A Lite Vegetable Biryani will be the perfect accompaniment to the Spice Egg Gravy.

It is a rice dish flavored with spices and has nuts, onions, tomatoes, beans, etc.


Strawberry - Banana Dessert

To satisfy the sweet craving, serve Strawberry - Banana Dessert.

It is very simple to make and has only bananas, strawberries, orange juice and honey.


Atta Cashew Halwa

Atta Cashew Halwa is also a good dessert.

cashew atta halwa

It is made from flour, cashew nuts, sugar but it may prove tricky to prepare.


Hope these suggestions help you to make ovo vegetarian menu.


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Ovo Vegetarian Menu