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Sausage Menu

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Wondering what you could possibly add to a sausage menu? Sausage is a versatile meat, you can add it to pasta, breads, soups, casseroles, the sky is the limit.  Typically when one thinks of sausages they think of just slapping on this meat on a grill and letting it cook. However, there are a number of wondrous, delicious dishes that can be concocted with sausages. Here are a few dishes that will make any sausage menu look good.




Sage Sausage Bread



This bread is excellent. When baked it’s slightly on the dry side so if you do want it more moist you can double up the milk. You can add cheese like cheddar or olives to make the bread even more flavorful.  You must be careful not to overcook it. You could try making the sausages at home versus the store bought ones and it will definitely kick the flavor up a notch.


Maple Syrup Sausage


Although maple syrup is generally thought of as a pancake topping, it's actually a versatile condiment that can be used in various dishes. Maple syrup sausages are especially well liked in Canada and on the East Coast, where locally-made maple syrup is in plenty and quite cheap.   It has an intricate sweet and salty taste and caramelizes marvelously when roasted. With carrots and potatoes, it makes a simple and inexpensive one dish meal that is certain to delight even the choosiest eaters.


Smoked Sausages


Smoked sausages are either cooked initially and then smoked, or cooked as they are smoked. Both cooking techniques yield sausages that are comparably flavored with the deep, rich and simple flavor that comes from smoking. Examples of cooked sausage are bauerwurst and kielbasa. Because smoked sausages are already cooked, they can typically be eaten cold unless otherwise directed on their packaging. However, smoked sausages can be cooked in a number of recipes, adding their rich, smoky flavor to whatever dish they're used in. For example, andouille sausage is regularly added to gumbo recipes and bauerwurst is frequently steamed and served in buns.


Apple Sausage Sandwiches


This is a great breakfast recipe. T his low calorie apple sausage sandwich is perfect for a swift breakfast or nutritious snack. It's a great way to start the day since this sandwich is just about 200 calories. It won’t have you feeling too full and stuffed. Place the cheesy sausage on your lower apple slice and top it off with the top apple slice. Position the other apple slices around the plate and sprinkle with cinnamon.


Hope this sausage menu sounded exciting enough for you to get started on the cooking right away. Just in case you were looking for more sausage menu dishes, you can check out some more recipe ideas here.


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Sausage Menu