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Low Sodium Diet Menu

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If you are suffering from high blood pressure, cardiac problems or hypertension it is advisable to follow a low sodium diet menu. But if you haven't started following a low sodium menu, then here is a menu guide that will help you plan your meals without letting you miss out on your favorite foods. Managing your health with utmost care is of primary importance but compromising on salt may not come easy to you. Low sodium diet requires you to make changes in eating habits, often making it hard to carry on with low salt diet menu for long. Reduce your sodium intake and turn to homemade delicacies mentioned here to strike a balance between health and taste.



Avoid High Sodium Labeled Food Items





Unsalted butter or margarine


Lettuce, Fresh vegetables

Canned vegetables

Fish, Poultry



Fried foods


Low Salt Diet Menus For Good Health


Chicken Broth

 Chicken broth

Curtailing salt intake can help keeping health problems at bay. Reducing salt intake doesn't mean that you have to cut down on food items that you relish so much. Chicken broth can act appetizing and wholesome, enriched with flavors, vegetables and of course chicken.


Yeast Rolls


Delicious Yeast Rolls can be a great snacks while on a low sodium diet. This can be served as  side dish, which you can enjoy either for lunch or dinner. An easy to prepare dish, it is prepared with minimum ingredients. But that doesn't have the least impact on its taste.


Zucchini Squash and Orange


Include lots of fresh vegetables when on Low Salt Diet Menu. This would ensure that you are never compromising on taste. Also you have the flexibility to mix in salt as much required keeping it to as minimum as possible. This Mediterranean dish tastes heavenly and can be made in 5 minutes. So, give it a try now.


Shrimp with Red Pepper Sauce

 Shrimp with red pepper sauce

Mediterranean dishes are one of the safest foods to bet on while following the low salt diet menu. Shrimp with Red Pepper Sauce can truly make your mouth water and is an extremely likeable non-vegetarian delight.


Prepare these fantastic dishes with low salt and see it making a difference in your health. Low salt diet menus, if incorporated the right way in your regular lifestyle, can significantly help you regain health and vigor once again.


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Low Sodium Diet Menu