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High Fiber Diet Menu

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High fiber diet menu High fiber diet menu isn’t just a tried-and-tested way of warding away food cravings and putting a restraint on excessive bingeing but is also found to be equally good in aiding weight loss. Fiber obtained from fruits, nuts, cereals and vegetables not only help in creating a feeling of satiety in the tummy but also improves body metabolism and boosts digestion. Consuming around 20-25 gm of fiber everyday ensures that you burn fat fast, get rid of constipation, tame down blood sugar levels, and control cholesterol, etc.

Take High Fiber Diet Menu Regularly




Green and leafy vegetables

Processed foods

Whole grains

Sugar foods




Starchy foods


Refined foods


High fiber diet menu includes a balanced mix of dishes that are high on fiber and nutrition and low on fat. Here are few great chioces for fiber rich diet menu. 


Pear Bread Pudding

Pear Bread Pudding

This classic bread pudding prepared with fresh pears, multigrain bread, and low fat milk is a pure delight for the senses and can be served as a dessert or eaten for breakfast or brunch.


Tuna Steak And Vegetable Sandwiches

Apart from being a potent source of low-fat protein, tuna tastes absolutely delish. You can grill the tuna or braise, bake or poach it as you wish. Vegetables like eggplants and bell peppers just add to the health and delight of the dish.


Baked Macaroni

Baked Macaroni

Loaded with insoluble fiber, this lip-smacking pasta made of lean ground beef, whole-wheat macaroni, spaghetti sauce, and Parmesan cheese makes for a yummy high fiber side-dish.


Beef Fajitas

Beef Fajitas

This traditional Mexican tortilla dish is an amazing way to add grains like corn and wheat to your diet. With beef as its main ingredient, tasty, healthy beef fajitas are an excellent way to nourish yourself with a high-fiber diet.


Split Pea Soup

Split Pea Soup

When you need a quick comfort food, this hearty soup made with yellow split peas and served with whole-grain bread or vegetables really makes for a quick, yummy meal.

High fiber diet menu are rich in indigestible substance that are best for maintaining a healthy colon, absorption of fatty acids in the body, and regulating smooth bowel movements. Including fiber rich food in your diet is indeed the way to achieve a slimmer fit body.


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High Fiber Diet Menu