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Salmon Menu

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Pink Salmon

Preparing a salmon menu? Why not try dishes and flavors from different cuisines to really spice up that shrimp menu? Salmon is an oily fish , high in omega-3 fatty acid count; it’s a healthy fish and rich in protein and Vitamin D.







Some Mouthwatering Salmon Menu


Basil Salmon

This is a simple and appealing recipe to put together for your dinner party or perhaps a family get-together. You can make this dish with or without gravy; your accompaniments will determine that. You can play around with spice levels as well. Basil aids in digestion so this recipe will sit well with most people.  To make this dish extra delicious, marinade the shrimp in a bowl of milk for 20 minutes or so and then cook. Fried rice goes supremely well with this dish.


Orange Salmon

This is a fantastic salmon dish with orange and some Asian flavors. Oranges can have a fairly subtle flavor so the idea is to season the sauce without overpowering the flavors of the orange. Basically you want to balance the flavor of the orange with the saltiness from the soy sauce, some relish from the vinegar, a bit of sweetness from the honey and some chili heat. The end product is a dish of moist salmon covered in a sauce with the aroma and flavor of oranges.

Tasty Salmon


Szechuan Spicy Salmon

The secret to this salmon dish is rubbing peppercorn and garlic into the salmon filets. This meal is ideal for a light lunch or an early dinner. Grill the salmon for about 15 minutes and it no longer appears flaky.  You can use some light soy sauce to drizzle on top. This will cut down on your sodium intake. Szechuan peppercorns are an the spicy side so make sure to advice the person eating this dish about that fact.

Salmon cooked with several flavors


Salmon Curry

This dish marries the mellow spice with the delicate flavor of the fish. It is a popular Indian dish made with salmon, lots of onions, tomatoes and green chilies. You will need spices like clove, nutmeg, bay leaf, coriander, turmeric and cumin so make sure you have those on hand before attempting this recipe. Guests eating this dish are going to love it for its lip smacking taste. You can experiment by using coconut milk, dry fruits and cream to make this dish more creative and tasty.


Enjoy these salmon menu ideas. If you enjoy cooking, some of these recipes should be a lot of fun to make. 


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Salmon Menu