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Three Day Menu

Be it in the kitchen or the Parliament, nothing overrides the importance of planning. It is, thus, best to plan for at least three days as to what one can serve one’s family for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and maybe even a snack thrown in between. In fact, many women find it best to plan the menu for three days or so. After all, when it comes to cooking – it does take away the burden from one’s mind everyday!

A few things one must remember, is to make sure what you plan to cook sits well with what is available in the pantry and the refrigerator, that there are minimum leftover, which are also done away with from time to time, and that, at the end of the day, one should be satisfied that wastage is minimized as much as possible. Now here are some ideas for a three day menu.



Breakfast not only needs to be nurtitious, but also filling so that it lasts till midday. Here are Some options for breakfast that you could include

  1. Chicken Sandwich - this simple preparation wouldn't take too much time preparing and you could also use leftover chicken from last night for the filling. Chicken sandwiches work anytime and are usually the first and most loved breakfast choice
  2. Eggs and Bacon - another fairly common option for breakfast is bacon and eggs, though it takes a wee bit longer to prepare
  3. Pancakes - served with anything from jams, to sauces to even fresh fruits, pancakes are a much loved breakfast treat
  4. Smoothies - packed with nutrients and antioxidants, smoothies are a must to complete any breakfast



Here’s what you can include for lunch in your three day menu

  1. Quesadilla -  cheesy and savoury, Quesadilla are a wonderful choice for lunch. One can prepare them in a jiffy and the microwave often comes handy for it.
  2. Bacon Salad Sandwiches - Healthy and great tasting, with just a bit of ranch dressing, hard boiled eggs, lettuce and bacon, these sandwiches are filling as well as easy to prepare
  3. Pasta Based Salads - salads like the Hawaiian style salad, made with cooked pasta, are a healthy as well as delicious choice loved by all



Dinner is like the grand finale of the day – it has to be wholesome yet shouldn’t leave you feeling too full.

  1. Soups - they are always the safest choice when it comes to an appetiser. Cream of tomato soup, carrot soup, chicken soup are just some choices
  2. Pasta - a pasta dish for the supper of dinner could not only be filling, but also a delicious choice for everyone. After all, who doesn't like pasta?
  3. Beef Stroganoff - this heavy meat dish from Russia can be served for dinner too, especially if you have enough time at your hands
  4. Fruit Sorbet - always a better choice than the creamy and sugary types of desserts, fruit sorbets can be prepared within no time and are not only sweet but, in many cases, thirst quenching too!

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Three Day Menu