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Shrimp Menu

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Succulent shrimp

Preparing a shrimp menu? Why not try dishes and flavors from different cuisines to really spice up that shrimp menu. Shrimp is rich in calcium, iodine and protein but low in food energy.




  Basil Shrimp  

This is a simple and appealing recipe to put together for your dinner party or perhaps a family get-together. You can make this dish with or without gravy; your accompaniments will determine that. You can play around with spice levels as well. Basil aids in digestion so this recipe will sit well with most people.  To make this dish extra delicious, marinade the shrimp in a bowl of milk for 20 minutes or so and then cook. Fried rice goes supremely well with this dish.


Shrimp and Vegetable Stir Fry with Chili Mint  

Shrimp stir fryThis is an simple recipe that includes plenty of flavor and heat due to the ample amount of mint and jalapeno peppers used while cooking it. You can even throw in some finely chopped bamboo shoots and spring onions to give it an extra crunch. If you like pineapple, chop up some pieces and put them in towards the end of the cooking time, to add some sugariness to that spicy flavor! This vegetable and tofu stir fry can be enjoyed by both vegetarians and vegans.


  Spicy Orange Shrimp  

This is a fantastic shrimp dish with orange and some Asian flavors. Oranges can have a fairly subtle flavor so the idea is to season the sauce without overpowering the flavors of the orange. Basically you want to balance the flavor of the orange with the saltiness from the soy sauce, some relish from the vinegar, a bit of sweetness from the honey and some chili heat. The end product is a dish of moist shrimp covered in a sauce with the aroma and flavor of oranges.



Szechuan Spicy Shrimp  

Shrimp dishThe secret to this shrimp dish is an Asian technique called "velveting" or "passing," in which the shrimp is immersed in hot oil for a second or two before stir-frying. This method gives the shrimp an immense texture.  Garnish the dish with some fresh cilantro and serve with steamed rice.


 Shrimp Scampi   

This shrimp scampi dish is much loved by people who enjoy seafood.  It is a fairly simple dish to whip up. All you need to create this in the kitchen is shrimp, garlic, butter, and a little white wine and lemon juice.


Enjoy these shrimp menu ideas. If you enjoy cooking, some of these recipes should be a lot of fun to make. 


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Shrimp Menu