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Basil Menu

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Basil plant

Preparing a Basil menu? Why not try dishes and flavors from different cuisines to really spice up that Basil menu. This herb has a flavor that almost everyone loves and is also well known for its aroma and taste.


1. Herbed Tofu Cheese

This is a super healthy recipe, suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. To really bring out the flavor of the basil in this dish, use it in a sandwich or as a dip. This recipe is very flexible.

Herbed tofu cheese

2. Basil Chicken 

This is a simple and appealing recipe to put together for your dinner party or perhaps a family get-together. You can make this dish with or without gravy; your accompaniments will determine that. You can play around with spice levels as well. Basil aids in digestion so this recipe will sit well with most people.  

Chicken Basil

3. Lemon Basil Chicken 

Lemon, basil and yogurt make a delicious marinade and coating for tender chicken breasts wings or legs. You can roast them, but the lemon basil chicken breast can just as easily be grilled or broiled. The trick to doing the marinating just right is to first mix yogurt, basil, lemon juice and garlic in a small bowl. Put in the chicken breasts in a ziploc plastic bag.  Pour the yogurt basil mixture, covering the chicken and marinate in the fridge for 4 hours.

Lemon basil chicken

4. Green Peas And Basil Soup 

This soup is perfect for the winters and the summers. The cool refreshing taste of the basil is much welcomed during the heat and the warmth of the soup during the winters.  This is a rich soup made with green peas and enhanced by a touch of basil. Its high fiber content helps ward off obesity, controls blood sugar levels and reduces blood cholesterol levels. You can save some of the basil to garnish the soup once made and chop some carrots as well to sprinkle over it.

pea soup

5. Shrimp in Basil & Tomato Sauce

This is a great shrimp dish with basil and some Asian flavors. Basil can have a fairly subtle flavor so the idea is to season the sauce without overwhelming the flavors of this herb. The end result is a dish of succulent shrimp smothered in a sauce with the fragrance and flavor of basil.

Basil dish

Enjoy these basil menu ideas. If you enjoy cooking, some of these recipes should be a lot of fun to make. 


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Basil Menu