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1500 Calorie Diet Menu

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1500 Calorie Diet Menu is a balanced diet plan1500 Calorie Diet Menu is a balanced diet plan, having the essential nutrition to nourish and body and keep it healthy. 1500 Calorie Diet plan is very similar to 1200 calorie menu plan and can slowly help in reducing body weight. 1500 cal diet menu can help dieters meet the dietary needs. Follow some amazing recipe ideas of 1500 Calorie Diet Menu and enjoy your day to day meal.


Healthy And Tasty Low Calorie Diet Menu




Not Allowed

Unprocessed foods

Watermelon and pineapple

Whole grains, legumes and lean proteins


Fruit, vegetables

Sweetened beverages



Tea and Coffee without sugar

 Processed Foods





It is important to eat a healthy and low calorie breakfast. Enjoy the goodness of Shredded wheat cereal combined with skim milk and fresh strawberries. This ultimate and yummy breakfast choice has overall goodness of fibre, calcium and protein. Low in calories and fat, it will help to curb hunger and satiate your appetite for the rest of the day.

 Crunchy Breakfast Cereal


Mid Morning Snack



It is always advised to enjoy 5 meals a day; thus, a mid morning snack comprising scrambled egg and grapefruit juice  can energize you and prevent you from feeling hungry.

 Scrambled eggs




Choices for lunch can include brown rice, grilled chicken breast and green beans medley. Large mixed salad can also be a quick fix option to eat healthy low calorie diet. These healthy and fantastic menus can provide both taste and health to your food.


Grilled chicken





Dinner being the lightest meal of the day, you can lay your preferences for the light and hearty Smoked Salmon a lovely flavored dish made with lean salmon meat. Braised broccoli is a incredible dinner choice from the Asian cuisine. Baked yam is prepared with yam and its flavors will just make you addicted to it.

 Baked Yam


Enjoy your low fat 1500 Calorie Diet Meals to cut down on weight. It is important to burn the calories and only healthy metabolism can help you maintain a good body and weight. These nutrition dense menus comprising 1500 Calorie can help you maintain it in an easy way.


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1500 Calorie Diet Menu