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Vegetarian Menu

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vegetarian noodle lasagna

Planning a vegetarian menu can be little tricky if you are a non-vegetarian. Here I’ll be providing you with vegetarian menu ideas for vegetarians which I’m sure will click with your guests. Before proceeding, there are certain things which need to be taken care of while planning a vegetarian menu.




All vegetables

No meat or meat products

Milk and dairy products




All fruits

Animal based products like gelatin


Certain types of cheeses made from rennin (an animal based product)


Be it any meal, starters, soups or appetizers are sure to be included.


Stuffed Mushrooms


A good starter for your vegetarian menu can be Stuffed Mushrooms. This recipe which combines a filling of parsley, walnuts, rosemary and tomatoes in the mushrooms makes for a very tasty starter.


Panner Tikka


Another starter with which you cannot go wrong is Paneer Tikka.


paneer tikka


This dish of spicy marinated Cottage cheese or paneer cooked over a grill and sprinkled with lemon juice, is also a very well-liked starter.


vegetable And Noodle Soup


For the appetizers you can opt for either a salad or a soup. There are many choices available for soups and salads for a vegetarian menu. One soup which you can include is Vegetable and Noodle Soup.


vegetable and noodle soup


This soup includes vegetables like beans, carrots, cabbage and noodles and makes for a tasty treat.


Red Cabbage And Orange Salad


A salad which is sure to be a hit is Red Cabbage and Orange salad. This is a refreshing salad made from red cabbage and orange and flavoured with salt, orange juice, green pepper.


Ringatoni Pasta


For the entrée, you can try making pasta sans meat or meat sauce. One which you can try making is Ringatoni Pasta.


ringatoni pasta


This multi-colored pasta made by adding vegetables and flavoured with nutmeg, basil and pepper makes for a delicious and filling dish.


Chana Masala


For main course you can also try making Chana Masala.


chana masala


This is a very popular north Indian dish. It is made from chick peas cooked in spices.


Vegetable Pulao


You can team it up with rice dish like the Vegetable PulaoIt is a dish prepared by coking rice with vegetables like peas, carrots, cauliflower, potato along with spices.


Tomato Curry Garlic Noodles


If you want to try something different then you can opt for Tomato Curry Garlic Noodles.

tomatos noodles


They are noodles flavored with tomato curry garlic and are very tasty.


Atta Cashew Halwa


No meal is complete without desserts. For your vegetarian menu you can opt for desserts like Atta Cashew Halwa.


atta cashew halwa


It is a sweet dessert made from wheat flour, sugar, cashew nuts and flavoured with cardamom. It is a bit laden with calories though as it is cooked in ghee or clarified butter.


Dried Cherry Apple Pie


You can also try making Dried Cherry Apple Pie.


dried apple cherry pie


Made from apple and cherries this makes for a great dessert.


I hope these vegetarian menu ideas be of some help to you. If you want you can look around for some more ideas for a vegetarian menu for your party.

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Vegetarian Menu