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Vegan Diet Menu

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Vegan foodVegan Diet Menu comprises vegetarian dishes comprising fresh fruit, vegetables and soy products. One might have some apprehensions about trying Vegan menus due to the misconception that they are not getting enough nutrition or balanced diet due to cutting down on non-vegetarian food items. They can ease their concern, considering the great, easy to make and nutritious vegetarian diet menus listed below.



Tasty Vegan Diet Menu choices 




Not Allowed









Sugar products




Healthy breakfast with Vegan diet



The subtle flavor of banana made into banana muffins or fruit salad for breakfast can be nutritious and tasty. Try burritos, mushroom patties and bagel sandwich for a light start to the day. Yogurt made from soy can also be had. Sweet preferences like Chocolate Chip Scones can be enjoyed for breakfast. Toast, Baked Potato, and Garden Frittata are great choices for breakfast.

 Vegeterian Burrito



Vegetarian lunch for healthy boost



Vegetarian lunch can be enriched combining different vegetable and fruit choices. Spinach Salad With Orange-Sesame Dressing, Tofu Sandwich, Pretzels, vegan chili, Tamales, Tortilla chips, Eggplant Sandwich, Mixed green salad, Tofu salad, are healthy options for lunch.


 Vegan Chili


Delighting Vegetarian dinners



Mashed PotatoesGarlic bread, Fresh tossed salad, Potato Leek Soup, Spanish rice, Steamed brown rice are some of the dishes that can be enjoyed for dinner.


 garlic bread


Vegetarian food can be tasty and healthy if prepared the right way. These great Vegan diet menu ideas can make your platter healthy and sumptuous.


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Vegan Diet Menu