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Chinese New Year Dinner Menu

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Dinner menu for Chinese New Year is a healthy, delicious and interesting assortment of some great dishes using the best of herbs and spices. Here are some interesting Chinese dinner delicacies which you can prepare on New Year and offer a treat to your family and friends.



Red Bean soup:

This is a delicious soup prepared mainly as a healthy dessert with red beans and acts as a yang or warming food. Tangerine peel is also used in the soup which helps it to act as a digesting agent. The main ingredients of this dinner menu item  are lotus seeds, azuki beans, orange peels and brown sugar.



Crispy Orange Beef:

A delicious  dish prepared with orange peel and other spices used to deep fry beef to make it extra spicy. The beef is normally marinated with egg whites, corn starch, white, salt while the sauce is prepared with Chinese wine, dry sherry, ketchup, dark soy sauce along with ingredients such as ginger, garlic, green onions , celery ribs, oil for deep frying and chili peppers.


Cold Asparagus Salad:

This healthy and delicious salad is prepared with asparagus, cut diagonally, light soy sauce, sesame seeds, sugar, chopped garlic. The ingredients are all mixed well before serving to the guests.


Salt and Pepper Shrimps:

This serves as an interesting appetizer as the main course dish as the Chinese New Year dinner menu . Shrimps are deep fried, till they are of a delicate orange color as the spices present help to add an additional spice and seasoning to the shrimps, which adds additional flavor. The shrimp shells are left, so that the meat is tender and also well prorected. Though this is a Cantonese dish, it is still loved as delicious shrimp menu, with abundant use of ground pepper and sea salt. The main ingredients used in this dish are peppercorns, kosher salt, cornstarch and medium sized shrimps.


Pecking Duck:

This is one of the most popular and loved dishes of Beijing prepared in green onions and served with Mandarin pancakes. This duck is served in a delicious hoisin sauce during New Year to the guests who choose to drop in during the time.

Mandarin Pancakes:

These are special pancakes prepared with red bean paste and Mu shu pork and can be prepared in a short span of time. It just takes 35 minutes to prepare these special Mandarin pancakes with seasome oil, boiling water and all-purpose flour.


Stir fry baby choy:

Baby bok choy has a very interesting sweet flavor, much different than many other adult varieties and makes a great  item, when cooked with olive oil. Low sodium, delicious chicken broth is used instead of water to prepare this baby choy. The main ingredients used in the preparation of this baby bok choy is ginger, soy sauce, salt, sugar, sesame oil and vegetable oil meant for stir frying. 


Plan your dinner menu with care and you are sure to have fun on the Chinese New Year.


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Chinese New Year Dinner Menu