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Detox Diet Menu

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Detox Diet MenuDetox Diet Menu involves herbs and other natural ingredients which helps the body get rid of removing toxin from the body. Through a wide variety of detox diet menu one can get rid of toxins from  the body without any medicines or drugs usage. Healthy detox diets helps to get rid of the toxic and harmful substance from the body. Read about this good detox diet menus to help you plan your diet in a healthy way.





Not Allowed


Red meat, chicken, turkey


Milk, cheese, eggs

Brown rice and rice noodles

Chocolate, sweets, jam and sugar

Unsalted nuts and seeds


Fresh Fish

Coffee and tea

Recommended Recipes For Detox Diet


 Detoxify With Lemon Juice

Start the day with one glass water with one lemon squeezed. Lemon juice at the start of the day detoxifies the body and improves metabolism.

 Lemon juice - Detox Diet



Fruit salad or crunchy cereal topped with fruits can be an ideal breakfast meal. Wheat bread and orange mousse can make up as mid morning snack.

 Crunchy Cereal - Detox Diet



Lean Beef Hamburger, turkey soup and baked apple can make for wholesome lunch. 

 Lunch -turkey soup


For dinner, detoxify body with steamed cabbage, broccoli soup, cheese cake, herb chicken and vegetable broth.

 Cheese cake - detox dinner


These delicious detox diet menu can help you lose weight the right way and bring your body to the right shape in a short time. Make this delicious detox diet recipes and enjoy a sound life.


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Detox Diet Menu