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Healthy Lunches On The Go

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healthy lunches on the goMost of us pack lunch to work or school and to help you out, we have compiled a list of healthy lunches on the go that you can try so as to keep your lunches nutritious and wholesome. A good wholesome lunch can make a lot of difference to your work in the afternoons. It is very common these days to either skip lunch when in a hurry or opt for easily available fast food options. These are fine when they are rare occurrences but regular consumption of fast food or skipping meals can be detrimental to health.



List of Healthy Lunches On the Go


No one can function without a good lunch. Given below are some easy to cook healthy lunch on the go ideas that can be tried at home.


  1. Bell Pepper and Tuna Pocket – Mix together tuna and pepper with condiments and seasoning separately. Then mix them together to fill in pita bread. Do not forget to add lettuce leaves. Enjoy this fresh healthy lunch on the go for an afternoon filled with energy.

  2. Black Bean Salad - Combine together black beans, corn, pepper and season. Check out the recipe here and try it. This easy to make lunch can be refrigerated, packed in foil until lunch time.

  3. Chicken Sandwich – This classic sandwich is one of the most easiest and healthy lunch on the godelicious healthy lunches on the go. This sandwich can be prepared using chicken leftovers from last night dinner and packed in foil until lunch hour.

  4. Chicken and Fruit Salad – Toss together chicken, walnuts, melon and cheese. Do not forget the salad greens. Use desired fruits instead of those mentioned for one of the most delicious healthy lunches on the go.

  5. Londoner's Egg Sandwich – A simple yet healthy sandwich. Season according to taste with mustard and fresh dill. Add in some green lettuce leaves for the crispy and crunchy texture.



Hope these ideas of healthy lunches on the go gets your creative side working and you come up with more mouthwatering nutritious lunches for you and your loved ones.


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Healthy Lunches On The Go