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Healthy Lunch Foods

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Though burger, pizza, and other junk foods are tasty but are not healthy good  for lunch. Healthy lunch foods are important to provide proper nutrition and to boost your energy in the afternoon. Plus taking healthy lunch foods keeps you less hungry so you don’t crave for poor choices during dinner. Preparing lunch food at home is usually best as you can opt for foods that are nutritious and low in fat.Find some of the healthy lunch foods that are both satisfying and nutritious.




Salads are easy  lunch foods which you can make it healthy by adding lot of dark leafy vegetables. Try to add one plain vegetable or fruit such as strawberries, cucumbers, steamed broccoli, orange segments and tomatoes. Topping it with lean protein extends digestion process and keeps you filling for a long. Some of the lean protein options are grilled chicken, water packed tuna, seared tofu and canned beans. You can also opt for  high calorie healthy toppings like avocado, cheese, and fried fruits. Though these foods are healthy, they are high in calorie so consume them in moderation. Finally when coming to salad dressings opt for heart healthy oils like safflower oil or olive oil.




Pasta can be enjoyed either hot or cold. You can reheat pasta at lunch time else you can have it cold. Whole grain pasta is the healthy choice as it is rich in fiber and vitamins than the white flour pasta. Sauté whole wheat penne in olive oil, add white beans and spinach leaves and top it with grated parmesan cheese. You can make quinoa spaghetti with ricotta cheese, broccoli, and low sodium marinara sauce or use corkscrew pasta with green beans, soy sauce, garlic, and lean ground turkey.




Sandwiches are one of the good healthy lunch foods. This is because they can be prepared using many different combinations and they are  tasty, healthy and portable. Add  lots of vegetables, whole grain bread, good amount of lean proteins and low fat spread. You can try out sandwiches using whole wheat bread with grounded tomato, deli turkey and tomato, whole wheat pita with eggplants, spinach and roasted pepper, and whole grain bagel with little olive oil, basil leaves and tomato.


Making healthy lunch foods are indeed easy. Packing your own meal for lunch is not only easy but also healthier than the foods at restaurants.


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Healthy Lunch Foods