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Healthy breakfast ideas

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Healthy breakfast ideas are a must for everyone, however, it’s all the more important for weight-loss aspirants to have proper breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day, which also sets your metabolism for the rest of the day. Breakfast is important, but what is more important is what you eat for your breakfast. Some healthy breakfasts, as listed below will help you choose some healthy breakfast.




Vegetarian Healthy Breakfast Ideas


  • Fruits and vegetables: All the fruits are rich in sugar and water. While sugar gives you the energy for your day’s work, water content keeps you full for long time. Citrus fruits also come with additional benefits of vitamin C, which is important for immunity. You can also make fruits and vegetables salad or juice.

  • Cereals and grains: Whole grain breads are the most common healthy breakfast. Be it bread, oat or flakes. Give your body some wholesome goodness of whole grain, which comes packed with fiber and protein. And they also have just right amount of calorie to keep you going for the day. This is also one of the most full-filling breakfast. And can be combined with less-fattening dairy products and avoid sugar and compensate for that you may add fruits or honey.
  • Healthy Breakfast Combinations: Combine the above mentioned foods, fruits with dairy products (low-fat cottage cheese, milk, yougurt etc).
  • Tofu: Vegetarian tofu can be a wonderful breakfast and tasty too if combined with garlic and pepper powder, vegetables and stir-fried in olive oil.



Non-vegetarian healthy breakfast


  • Eggs: As always, the most complete food is here to complete your search of a healthy breakfast. Have it boiled or scrambled for your daily does of energy.
  • Lean meat: Lean cut meat can be a good breakfast. It can also be combined with some whole-grain bread.
  • Non-veg tofu: Again, a wonder-breakfast for a wonderful day with lot of proteins.


One important thing about breakfast is that healthy fat or carbohydrate is good as breakfast, because it provides the necessary calories for the day and you end up eating less for your lunch and dinner. 


  • A ful-filling breakfast may also help in dealing with untimely hunger pangs. Some important things that are to be taken care of are:
  • Breakfast should be homemade so that you can take care of fat content and hygiene.
  • Breakfast should be full-filling.
  • Juices should be fresh and not canned.  


Check out these healthy breakfast ideas for a fit and energy-rich day!


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Healthy Breakfast Ideas